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Are you looking for a Harry Potter wholesaler? Cerdá fills your shop with magic

27 May 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Although 25 years have passed since the Fantastic Adventures divided the world between Muggles and Wizards, the passion for this universe is far from fading. Ron, Harry, Hermione, Luna, Dobby and even Snape thrill fans of all ages across the globe.

At Cerdá we are well aware of this and that's why we offer you official Harry Potter products so that your customers can find quality products of their favourite characters in your shop.



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Four houses, four colours.

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slitheryn and Hufflepuff. These are the four houses of Hogwarts, the most prestigious magical school in the world. Since fans of the saga have known about the existence of these houses since the first book, one thing is clear, there is no one house better than another.

The sorting hat is in charge of choosing which house each pupil will be placed in. This is a very important moment in and outside the magic universe. And every house is unique. It has its history, its crest, its colours. Relics, symbols and famous wizards that make these houses icons that fans identify with.


As a wholesaler of official Harry Potter merchandise, we offer products from all the houses. Trying to rank any particular house above the rest may not be a very good idea, as all houses are important in the magical world of Harry Potter. That is why at Cerdá we offer you a wide variety of products, taking each and every one of the houses into account. So you can offer your customers unique products from their favourite house, whichever it may be.


Magic for the whole family

Harry Potter fans know no age. There are those who grew up with the adventures of Hogwarts, those who discovered the enchantment as adults and those who enter the magical world through the latest releases of the saga. Whatever the case, contact with magic comes in many forms and at Cerdá we have thought of everything.

For those new to parenthood we have prepared the best gift set you can receive. Long sleepless nights will be more bearable with this 5-piece baby clothes set. The matching sleepsuit, onesie, bandana, hat and booties make it an original welcome gift. Quality products that you can't afford not to have in your shop for two reasons

  • They are a unique gift that your customers will look forward to giving and
  • They also come in an exclusive gift box designed to make the recipient really love them.


Magic can also accompany the little ones on rainy days. They will be amazed by our collection of magical umbrellas that will change colour when they come into contact with water. Designs also created for adults, because at Cerdá we believe that magic is for the whole family!


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And to protect yourself on sunny days, fill your shop with our sunglasses, bath towels, beach bags, even Harry Potter flip-flops. And not just for children, at Cerdá we want the family to enjoy the adventures of this fan phenomenon together.

Harry Potter in the most unexpected places

Cerdá has developed a whole range of more sporty products for the more adult audience who also enjoy the official Harry Potter products. Resistant materials, a variety of zips, extra pockets, special zips and different carrying options: handle or strap, are some of the innovations that Cerdá has introduced in this sports line to respond to a trend that is gaining more and more followers.


It offers Harry Potter products with minimalist and youthful designs for the gym, yoga room, and maybe even quidditch... Sports bags, waist packs and travel backpacks to charm teenage and adult audiences without the spells.


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Dark colours, with a very distinct sporty style, where we take care of all the details, make this line a success that will surprise the young audience, who are looking to take care of themselves without sacrificing their personality and geek style.

The beauty of magic

Scrunchies, ponytails, bandanas, hair clips... Toiletry bags, brushes... surprise your customers with our accessories and products from the Beauty line.

Colours and prints that both boys and girls won't be able to resist. The beauty line is one of the most popular lines in retail outlets. As well as appealing to children, adults also appreciate beauty products, as they are of high quality and low cost, making them a great impulse buy. They are also very easy to collect, so if you still don't have them in your shop, we invite you to read this article.


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At Cerdá we want you to see your business grow by offering your customers products from such well-known and successful brands such as Harry Potter, which according to Forbes is valued at 15,000 million dollars.


Discover Cerdá's entire collection of Harry Potter products and get ready to see your business grow with the magic of this wizarding empire that continues unstoppably conquering hearts.

Make the most of the trend for Harry Potter products and accessories for the whole family and increase your business sales.

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