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Beauty Retail Lab Implantation

10 April 2022 / per Cerdá Group

This is a range of products with a wide variety of references with very specific characteristics:

  • Beauty items are brightly colored and this captures the customer's attention.
  • They are small, good quality, low-cost items that generate impulse buys.
  • The store layout is very linear, visual and clean, making them stand out from any other layout.


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Scrunchies, the TOP product of the beauty line

As an everyday product, scrunchies are one of the best-selling items for three reasons:

  • As they are used every day, they tend to get lost easily. As a result, they are more popular than other products in the beauty range.
  • Thanks to the variety of designs, they are easy to collect.
  • Their size and variety make them the ideal product for any shelf.


That's why we display this product at the eye level of the little ones, who are usually the promoters of this type of impulse buying.

Encourage cross-selling

These characteristics make Beauty products ideal for encouraging cross-selling through impulse buying, a type of purchase that is made spontaneously. It responds to a very emotional behavior of the type: I see it, I like it, I buy it.


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How do we implement the Beauty line in SuperMoments?

  • We place the modules close to the cash register, favoring the impulse purchase.
  • The design of the modules allows us to optimize the space in the store to the maximum.
  • Standardize the modules differentiating between:
    - Kid range with products for children such as scrunchies
    - adult range where we place for example the gift sets, a product clearly aimed at the adult public.


Why implement the Beauty line in your point of sale?

IIn addition, since its implementation in SuperMoments we have been able to verify that:

  • One out of 6 tickets carries a Beauty item.
  •  Generates more cross-selling than other products in the store.
  •  It has a high percentage of rotation as it is a daily use product.
  •  It is a product with little competition in the sector.
  •  It is a high-quality line with a large number of references.
  •  It increases the sales margin due to its margin is higher than others.
  •  10% of customers buy the product again within 30 days of the first purchase.
  •  It is the category that generates the highest profitability.

Discover Beauty with SuperMoments Retail Lab

Reproduce with SuperMoments Retail Lab the implementation of Beauty. You have at your disposal the communication and promotional materials so that your customer can identify the products, discover the offers and recognise the qualities and characteristics of the beauty products.


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Retail Lab Tips and Advice beauty


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