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Beauty products; a must-have for your business

22 May 2024 / per Cerdá Group

All set to incorporate Beauty products into your stock? In today's post we want you to learn all about these items so that you can implement them in your shop and make them a success. Let's get started!

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1. Three reasons to make up your mind
2. The evolution of the Beauty category
2.1. The most popular products
2.2 The most popular characters
3. The most awaited novelties
3.1 Oh, magical Christmas
3.2 Trick or treat?
3.3 Continuity collections
4. Display solutions for your business
4.1 Top five implementations that are a hit
5. Stop by the classroom

1. Three reasons to decide

Have you ever thought about incorporating our Beauty products in your point of sale? We are going to give you 3 reasons to make up your mind and start adding them to your stock: 

- Beauty items are brightly coloured, with designs of the top characters of the moment such as Barbie, Stitch or Wednesday and this captures the customer's attention.

-They are small, good quality, low-cost items that generate impulse purchases.

-The in-store implementation is very linear, visual and clean, making it stand out from any other implementation.

2. The evolution of the Beauty category

Thanks to our SuperMoments Retail Lab, we have been able to see how in recent years the demand for Beauty products has increased exponentially. So that you can see its evolution, we have prepared this graph for you.

Copia de Categorías que más venta generan en (1127 x 1127 px) (6)

From 2019 to 2023, sales have increased by +135.86% making it a product with high in-store turnover and the one that generates the most cross-selling.

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2.1 The most popular products

Knowledge doesn't take up space and because we want you to learn everything about the Beauty category, we have prepared this ranking so that you can find out which products attract the most attention from customers:

Copia de Categorías que más venta generan en (1127 x 1127 px) (8)

Let's find out more about these products:

- Hair accessories: they are essential in any shop: they take up little space at the point of sale and are very affordable. This makes them an impulse product, with a high turnover and they increase the average ticket.
- Toilet bags: their high-quality finishes make them a must-have item and a recurring sales item at any time of the year.
-Costume jewellery: this article will increase the average basket as it is an ideal product for complementary sales. Children's costume jewellery is a great treasure for the little ones.

2.2 The most beloved characters

We continue to share with you more data from our SuperMoments Retail Lab. Now that you know the evolution of the Beauty category, which products are the most in demand, you only need to know which characters are triumphing among the children's public. Drum roll!

Copia de Categorías que más venta generan en (1127 x 1127 px) (7)
Minnie, Harry Potter, Princesses, Frozen, Stitch... do you want to incorporate Beauty products of these characters in your business? We make it easy for you with the designs of the new collection! Keep reading because we are going to introduce it to you!

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3. The most awaited Beauty novelties

The new Beauty collection is a reality and it's all new: Jewellery sets, hair accessories, brushes, vanity cases and many more products that we can't wait for you to discover: 

3.1 Oh, magical Christmas

New in the Beauty 2024 collection are Mickey and Minnie ears with Christmas details. At Cerdá Group, thanks to our more than 50 years of experience, we know that during this time of year, customers are looking for products that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also give them the opportunity to create lasting memories with their loved ones. 


Imagine the whole family sporting these charming ears as they enjoy Christmas activities together, from decorating the tree to baking biscuits, opening presents on Christmas morning or even celebrating Ugly Sweater Day.

3.2 Trick or treat?

Nowadays, Halloween is one of the most awaited and loved festivities in many parts of the world, where children and adults dress up in costumes, decorate their homes with carved pumpkins and participate in games and night-time pranks. In countries like Spain, more and more consumers are joining this festivity every year, and year after year it is gaining more and more followers, which is why you have to be prepared!
In this new collection we have designed a special Halloween capsule containing hair clips, headbands and hair elastics with Mickey and Minnie details. 

3.3 Continuity collections

These new collections are very complete. Available in characters such as Minnie, Frozen, Stitch and princesses, they will attract the attention of your customers thanks to this counter display. 


This is a top-selling product development with a coordinated design across the range.
- Rubber bands
- Elastic bands with beads
- Clips
- Bracelets
- Scrunchies.

All of them with the characters that the little ones at home love.


Do you want to know more about the new collection?
Discover the products that generate the highest profitability per linear metre. 

4. Display solutions for your business

If you are concerned about how to display the products in your point of sale at Cerdá Group, we offer you a wide variety of display solutions designed to optimise your space and highlight the products in a way that catches the attention of your customers.  

For example, these displays. They are perfect for placing at key points in your business to encourage impulse sales.




4.1. The five implementations that are on the rise 

We make it easy for you. With these 5 implementations of the Beauty category you will make the product stand out at your point of sale. Try them out and discover for yourself why it is the category that generates the most sales per linear metre. 

Download implementation


5. Drop by class!

Do you know everything about the Beauty category?  With SuperMoments Retail Lab you have at your disposal the training and many more materials so that you can get the most out of your business. And also remember that if you are a Cerdá customer, you have at your disposal:

References of the products we use in our implementations 
✅ Other resources and tools to optimise your point of sale. 

All this and much more is waiting for you in our Classroom! We look forward to seeing you in class! ⬇️

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