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Help Ucrania

14 March 2022 / per Cerdá Group

From Cerdá we would like to contribute our bit to this cause by sharing with you this action of the Spanish Red Cross. Through its website, Red Cross has enabled an online donation process that you can access through the following link.

Help: Collaborate with Red Cross


As many ways to help as people

That is why we have internally launched a series of initiatives so that the company's personnel can cooperate
if they wish to do so. 

  • From Cerdá, for each contribution made by the company's personnel, we will donate double the amount to the Spanish Red Cross.
  • The Cerdá team has 3 hours of the weekly working day available to dedicate to volunteering if desired.
  • We are processing with local, provincial, and state institutions the reception of refugees.
  • We will ship products in the hope of helping adults preserve the innocence of the child population.



Together we are stronger

During this week the company's team of volunteers has stored, classified and packed all the articles that Cerdá's employees have been bringing to the offices since we started these initiatives.

Blankets, warm clothes for babies, pyjamas, jackets and coats, items for winter such as hats, scarves and gloves, food, hygiene articles and toys are some of the stuff that conforms this first pallet that has left for Ukraine today. 


We are grateful for the participation, solidarity and collaboration received. We'll continue working to send more items and resources in the coming weeks.

Sharing values

For Cerdá Life's Little Moments is more than a slogan, it is a lifestyle and today more than ever we want to help people affected by the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine to receive the necessary help to be able to have a future where they can continue to enjoy the little moments of life.



Corporate Information


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