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Looking for LOL products for your store? Cerdá is your distributor!

26 March 2019 / per Cerdá Group

 At Cerdá Group we are pioneers in designing and distributing L.O.L. Surprise doll licensed products. A fan base has grown around this toy, and the fans want to have all of their products. Take advantage of the L.O.L. doll rage and boost profits for your business!

As the owner of a gift or textile product store, when acquiring your stock you always need to stay ahead and buy the novelties and licensed products that will be most demanded by your prospective customers. At Cerdá Group  we are wholesalers. We have new licenses that will increase our clients’ sales and, in addition, design and manufacture licensed products in accordance with new product and consumer trends. With this in mind, at Cerdá we have added a new product to our stock! As wholesalers in Spain, we are pioneers in designing and distributing L.O.L. Surprise doll products.

Cerdá Group, distributor of L.O.L Surprise products are all the rage among children, with great sales expectations for 2019. These dolls have a series of very interesting characteristics for your prospective customers willing to acquire them, which makes it worth having L.O.L. doll licensed products in your gift store or textile business:

● L.O.L products have two very attractive ingredients for the child audience – intrigue and surprise! The original version of this toy comes in the form of an egg that includes 7 surprises: a secret message, stickers, a baby bottle, shoes, a dress, accessories and the doll. You don’t know which doll it contains until you open it. L.O.L. dolls measure 15 centimeters and there are about 45 versions with different roles. Children are thrilled when they discover it!

It is an unboxing phenomenon on YouTube due to the type of packaging. Unboxing “is the opening of packaged products, especially hi-tech consumer products, where the process is captured on video and uploaded to the Internet.” At the time there are several YouTube channels that have a large number of followers and show in detail L.O.L. dolls being unboxed and even played with. These channels have resulted in the creation of a fandom and the generation of a great demand.

L.O.L-licensed Cerdá products is one of the first Spanish wholesaler to design, manufacture and distribute L.O.L. Surprise doll products. By purchasing our products your gift shop or retail business will stand out from the competition, you will attract prospective customers and boost your sales. At Cerdá Group you will be able to but L.O.L. doll products with the following characteristics:

L.O.L. doll backpacks:  We have always stood out for distributing different and original products. We have changed the backpack concept by including innovating elements to its design, which means that we have backpacks with lights, 3D backpacks and even backpacks that invite children to play. In line with this differentiating value that characterizes Cerdá, we have created the L.O.L. doll backpacks with sequin and bright materials, 3D front, lights and messages. At Cerdá Group you will be able to buy L.O.L. doll backpacks   for young children, casual backpacks or travel kits. A licensed article that will take you to the top!


L.O.L. doll textiles: L.O.L. doll sweatshirts, caps, pyjamas and robes will help you attract prospective customers. These designs follow the fashion trends for 2019, with sequins, glitter or animal print. You will allure L.O.L. doll fans and boost your sales!

Sunglasses: the ideal complement for an L.O.L. doll and its fans. Cerdá’s deigns will make customers feel that they are buying these glasses as if they were one of these dolls. This high-quality licensed article offers protection against ultraviolet light.

L.O.L. doll towels: the perfect gift! We have designed the most original towels with round shapes or shaped like a heart or star, and L.O.L. fans will love them!

● Furthermore, you will be able to implement cross-selling strategies, offering L.O.L. doll footwear to your customers in the form of sneakers or canvas shoes, sandals or clogs and accessories such as umbrellas.

If you are looking for licensed products for your gift shop or children’s stationery store, Cerdá Group is the distributor you want! We have a track record of over 30 years in the licensing sector and distribute products that will help you stand out from your competition.

Trust in Cerdá and make your business grow!

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