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Retail licensing trends for 2022

27 March 2022 / per Cerdá Group

The last few years have been a time of great change. Our habits have been revolutionized, and now that we are about to go back to normal, it seems possible to go back, as if nothing had happened. We have replaced phone calls with video calls, we buy online what we used to purchase in the store across the street, and - even if we have a nice office - we’ve learned the benefits of working from home and we don’t want to renounce to them ... what consequences does this have for the entire retail sector?

In this article, we are going to answer precisely this question. However, we will not only focus on the changes caused by the pandemic, but we will try to go deeper in order to identify the 4 retail licensing trends for 2022.

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1. Attention to quality

In recent times, we have seen the arrival in Europe of many wholesalers and retailers from Eastern countries - and, in particular, from China - with their loads of products at very low prices. This factor has brought consumers' attention to the price, looking for cheaper alternatives for any type of purchase.

This factor - the search for an economic price over quality - seems to have changed in the last period: indeed, the tip of the balance seems to be aimed at quality.

Enthusiasm for rock-bottom product prices quickly waned once consumers noticed how those lower prices correspond to lower quality. All this is translated into a greater and ever increasing attention to quality.

Today, customers are familiar with the products they buy (the internet gives them the opportunity) and they are not easily fooled. They know, for example, that a product - for example a piece of clothing - that has a registered trademark design - for example the Marvel logo - is original only if licensed.


To be able to respond to this new focus on quality, make sure to provide your customers only with original products. All Cerdá products, of any category, are provided with an original license.

The original licensed products are the main service that Cerdá can offer you, but not the only one. We have customized plans according to your needs, whether you are managing an online store or a classic physical store. Take a look here to find out everything we can offer you!


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2. The web is omnipresent

In the last two years, also thanks to the pandemic, the web has taken on even greater importance in our lives. Here, however, we do not want to limit ourselves to the - now even trivial - discourse of how much online purchases have increased, and how important it is - this is anything but trivial! - open an online sales channel for your shop.

In the world of retail licensing, the web is present from many other points of view that, as a store manager, you should take into consideration. The Internet, first of all, offers customers the opportunity to learn about products much better and in a much more in-depth way: this is also why relying on a distributor like Cerdá becomes important, as your customers will become increasingly demanding.

The web has also become the new shop window! Customers who have to decide which product to buy no longer need to go to a store to have a look at the offers on the market. They can go to the Internet, decide what they like, and only then go to the store. What does this mean for you? That you need to be much more flexible when it comes to sourcing products for your customers. When a product is not available in your store you must be ready to procure it for the customer who requests it. Obviously, you must in turn turn to a distributor who can offer such fast and efficient services. Cerdá stands out from the competition also for this: easy orders and fast deliveries, no later than 48 hours!


3. New payment methods

As technological development advances, new payment methods are being introduced every day. Given the importance of the web that we have already reported, your customers will be informed of the introduction of new methods with the same speed with which you will be informed. This is why you need to know how to react, making the latest generation payment methods available to your customers: in addition to the ability to pay via smartphone or smartwatch, do not underestimate the growing importance of some payment apps as well.


Opting for advanced payment methods will be an advantage for your business for two reasons: it will allow you to keep up with the times and attract new customers, and it will help you to track your turnover more effectively in order to facilitate the analysis of the sales data.


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4. Sustainability

The whole world is increasingly attentive to environmental issues and this also includes consumers. Companies all over the world are adopting solutions to lower the environmental impact of their production, packaging and shipping processes and - as it should be - do not fail to communicate them to customers and potential customers in order to exploit sustainability as a strategy of marketing.

One of the trends for retail licensing will be that of sustainability. Also in this the choice of your distributor will be fundamental. Cerdá is also attentive to environmental issues, reducing the use of plastic and providing items with packaging made mainly of paper or recyclable.

Now that you are aware of all the trends in retail licensing, it will be easier for you to adopt winning strategies for your store, whether it is physical or virtual!

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