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Social media marketing: trends that your store must know

18 March 2021 / per Cerdá Group


Every organization or store must be up to date and use these significant technological advances like Reddit or social networks like Facebook.

Still not convinced to use an excellent Social Media Marketing campaign for your store? From Cerdá we help you align your store with the new trends.


Social media marketing in the retail sector


Being updated in our business is no longer an option, the world is changing faster and faster and your store has to be up-to-date so as not to be left behind. At Cerdá we bring you the trends that are revolutionizing the retail sector and de digital trends your store must have into account. 


1. Influencers and reviews


Everyone knows the sponsorship system for events, commercials on TV shows, or radio advertising. However, it has changed since platforms such as YouTube or Instagram began to create communities around some users who gained prestige for the content they publish.

These Influencers are users of a social network with hundreds or thousands of followers, and the public sees them as a kind of authority. Also, they can change people's perspective towards a product/ideology/service, and it is the best way to carry out a personalized advertising campaign. The store should only contact them, deliver products and wait for a review or an unboxing.


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2. Stores with their own community


Like influencers, many stores can create their community to streamline and improve customer service or make sales through various digital platforms. Users like quality content that may be useful to them, promotions, memes (jokes), testimonials from other satisfied customers, and the organization's interaction with them.

In this case, a store must have an excellent community manager who optimally manages the social networks. Also, they must train their employees to use these digital platforms to make sales.


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3. Live Streams every week


The most important thing for a store is that everyone knows it, and there is nothing better for that than doing weekly live streams to offer weekly updates, offers, promotions, and giveaways. Yes, live streams can sometimes seem a bit empty, but everything improves as long as the store interacts with people and does a good advertising campaign for some of its posts on Instagram or YouTube.

Why live streams? The world has been paralyzed because of COVID-19, and most people have become used to using video conferencing on Zoom or Skype. That is why the best way for your audience to see you is through the tool everyone uses.


4. Social media marketing strategies to increase ROI


The ROI (Return on Investment) is the factor or condition that measures the profitability of an investment and analyzes the cost-benefit of the actions taken throughout the investment. In social media, the ROI from ad campaigns can be incredibly high if done right.

One strategy that improves ROI is redirecting social media traffic to the store's website, generating sales, gaining a larger audience, and getting better search engine rankings (SEO).


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5. Giveaways is the key


Many users implemented the raffle system to gain followers for a social media account a few years ago, and prizes can range from free products to cash. If what matters is to obtain followers, the best option is to carry out an advertising campaign for a publication that says "Sweepstakes" and say that the conditions are:

    • Give a like on the publication.
    • Tag 3 friends.
    • Use some specific # That is part of the instructions.
    • Follow the store account
    • Follow other X accounts (only if they have a commercial agreement, but they must be a maximum of 2)

The most recommended is that it be an international giveaway so that the number of followers will be more significant, and the ROI continues to increase.


6. Take advantage of current trends on social media marketing


Social network users want to consume current content of relevance, but it can not be sensationalist or clickbait. Also, it should be coupled with the moral values ​​that are handled today. If you don't want to lose followers, try:

    • Don't use fake posts.
    • Do not advertise much to other pages of the social network.
    • Do not give manipulated or misleading Reviews.
    • Avoid controversy and maintain a neutral state in political situations.
    • Be careful with the content of the account.
    • Do not plagiarize.

If you follow all these steps, you will use all the content circulating on the internet without fear of disturbing users. Also, you will provide quality information, make users identify with the store, and generate many conversions in a short time. However, take care of the sources of your data and apply Benchmarking to get ideas.


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