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Summer essential accessories that can't be missing in your store. Discover them!

12 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Summer is the most anticipated time of the year. Holidays, the sun, the beach and swimming pool are its protagonists. And this, your consumers know. Prepare the best products for them so they can choose from the wide variety of licenses and characters!

At Cerdá, we make it easy for you to get the best summer accessories and products. In doing so, you will keep your customers and prospects constantly checking your store. Here are some summer essentials that you should add to your store.


New Summer 2021 Accessories


Among the major summer accessories that are currently trending, we can see a meteoric rise for clogs and flip flops. For the beach, for a walk or to be at home, these are the summer shoes that your clients are looking for! Summer bags come in all its forms. The most demanded characters arrive to leave a summer full of unforgettable moments.These handbags will surely establish themselves as the most stylish and most sold in the season.

Caps are always the essential summer accessory. For this summer, we have tried to provide you the most variety in caps so that you can give your customers, both male and female, young and adult, all the types and licenses they are looking for.

Let's take a look at these summer accessories, as flashy as they are discreet, which will make your sales rise sharply.


Beach Accessories That Are A Must Have In Your Store


When we say summer, we say the beach, and in order to be fully equipped for swimming, certain summer accessories are mandatory.


Beach Towels

Assuming you are going to swim, you can't go to the beach without your favorite towel. This makes them a bestseller in your store.

With the highest grossing characters of the year like Harry Potter, or Baby Shark you can offer your customers what they are looking for. For boys and girls of all ages. Haven't you seen the variety we offer you yet? Discover it in our summer catalog!


CERDÁ_image_blog_post (32)-1


Kids Swimwear

We always focus on kids ' comfort and for this reason we do our best to equip your store with the most quality swimwear products. 

Because all parents want their children to be comfortable all day in their swimsuits and to wear their favorite characters on top, it's what they are looking for!

Don't miss out on all our designs and varieties of swimwear for boys or girls. Marvel, Disney classics, LOL, Peppa pig and many more!

You can find different options by age.They will be a success in your store!


Beach handbags 

Beach summer bags go perfectly with the other summer accesories!

If we are on the beach, in the pool or a water park, no matter what, the most crucial thing will be the bag to store all the family things because It must have enough space, resist heat and water.

The Mandalorian, Harry Potter, Mickey and Minnie or Marvel are just some of the characters that accompany these incredible accessories that cannot be missed in your store next summer. 


Summer Sunglasses, to protect their eyes

Given the fact that most of your clients are parents, you may have sunglasses of all characters that are loved by kids.

We offer you a colorful collection of sunglasses to protect the eyes of your little costumers. Whoever is shopping at your store won’t be able to resists on the summer sunglasses we have on offer such as Frozen sunglasses, Toy Story or LOL sunglasses and much more!


Summer Shoes That Cannot Be Missing In Your Store

Finally yet importantly, comes the most important summer products, essentials that should always be in your store ready for purchase: Summer Shoes.

Parents and their kids won't be able to spend all their summer time on beaches, they would need shoes they can wear at home and outside. During summer, parents have a tendency to dress their children in colorful clothes and footwear. 


CERDÁ_image_blog_post (31)


Cerdá offers a variety of summer shoes with several characters from both cartoons and superhero movies. This collection is made with the goal of making kids and their parents to get the most out of the summer. 

There is a wide selection you can choose,  from flip flops to sporty summer shoes. So take a look at our Summer Shoes collection. 

We are sure our summer products will help you increase your sales significantly!


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summer Products and Novelties


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