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Wholesale T-shirts: characters for all ages

4 January 2023 / per Cerdá Group

As a business we always strive for maximum customer satisfaction. In the end, they are our raison d'être and without them we would not be able to sustain ourselves and be part of the market. 

That is why we want them to feel at ease, to fall in love with the originality and creativity of our products, their quality, their price and the treatment we offer them. And so, with everything, we achieve their loyalty and that they recommend us to their friends, acquaintances and family, to increase our customer base, our sales and our profits.

But another of the great advantages that we must offer our customers is variety, diversity. The possibility of being able to choose, compare and select what they like the most, what most catches their attention and what they most want to take home. And not only with the sizes, but also with the designs, the materials and the different age ranges.

At Cerdá we offer you a wide variety of products and wholesale T-shirts for children, teenagers and adults. Women and men and with different characters, sizes, models, colours and materials.

So don't waste any more time and consult our catalogue! Prepare your stock with the best designs and succeed in selling to your customers!

T-shirts for babies

Children's t-shirts wholesale should always be the 'bottom of the wardrobe' of your stock. Throughout the year, your customers will come to your shop to buy all the new products of their favourite characters. 

The material we work with in Cerdá is of the highest quality, 100% cotton, so that their delicate skins do not resent the contact, they can perspire properly and feel comfortable with them.

The protagonists, of course, are the most outstanding characters of the moment; Peppa Pig, Frozen, Minnie, Mickey Mouse, La Patrulla Canina and an endless number of varieties and models with which mums and dads will go home happy with the beautiful purchases made for their little ones. 

T-shirts for children

Los niños y niñas están deseando poder lucir a sus personajes favoritos en su día a día y, por eso, en Cerdá, te descubrimos las últimas novedades de la temporada. 

Camisetas divertidas, originales, a la última moda y con los mejores personajes: Batman, Avengers, Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel, Spiderman, las Princesas Disney, Stitch, Piolín… 

Y con una gran variedad de colores, diseños y tallas, para que puedan escoger las que más les gusten y sentirse felices todos los días.

Además, con las camisetas infantiles al por mayor podrás captar nuevos clientes para tu negocio, fidelizar a los que ya tienes y contar con un gran número de seguidores que estarán esperando, ansiosos, poder comprar las novedades que vayas incorporando en tus estanterías. 

Boys and girls are eager to wear their favourite characters in their everyday life and, for this reason, at Cerdá, we discover the latest novelties of the season. 

Fun, original and fashionable T-shirts with the best characters: Batman, Avengers, Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel, Spiderman, Disney Princesses, Stitch, Tweety... 

And with a wide variety of colours, designs and sizes, so they can choose the ones they like the most and feel happy every day.

In addition, with children's t-shirts wholesale you will be able to attract new customers for your business, build loyalty among those you already have and have a large number of followers who will be eagerly waiting to buy the new products you add to your shelves. 

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 T-shirts for teenagers

Adolescence, as we all know, is a very complicated time in anyone's life. Not being children, but neither adults, we find ourselves in a limbo where both sides are interesting and intriguing. That's why, as specialists in wholesale T-shirts, at Cerdá we create the most suitable models for this special age. 

And we manage to create unique models, with the characters they like the most, distancing them from children's designs but preserving that touch of innocence that still keeps them in their childhood stage.

And we mustn't forget that they are still unconditional fans of Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, Minnie and Mickey or the Little Mermaid, for example, but at the same time they are discovering new worlds and characters such as Superheroes or Superheroines, The Mandalorian or even musical groups such as ACDC.

So open yourself up to a new world and a new niche market that will not fail you, because if they like something and it makes them feel comfortable, it becomes their place of reference.

T-shirts for adults

Finally, adults can stop hiding their inner child! Barriers, myths of age-appropriate seriousness and dress codes are starting to be broken.

Adults can continue to be children, young people with illusions, fantasies and favourite characters and wear their Disney T-shirts for adults with their most beloved characters from childhood, adolescence and maturity.

If they want Minnie to accompany them all day long, what's the problem? Or if they like Thor, Harry Potter, Star Wars or the Disney Princesses so much, why hide it?

In Cerdá we have found that link with adults who want to be themselves, wear the clothes they choose and forget about what people will say. Because there's no one to say anything bad when they discover that being an adult doesn't mean giving up the characters that have been with you all your life. 

Prepare your stock well because success is guaranteed!

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T-shirts for the whole family!

La moda en familia es una tendencia cada vez más en auge. Papás y mamás vestidos con la misma ropa que sus hijos, pero de su talla, e incluso que sus mascotas.

Por fin las familias se han decidido a dar un paso más y a compartir nuevas experiencias, diversiones y complicidades que hacen que sus lazos se unan más si cabe. Echa un vistazo a nuestro catálogo más familiar.

Y ello hace que sea la oportunidad perfecta para cualquier negocio que se dedique al sector retail, puesto que así añade un plus de satisfacción a las compras ofreciendo aquello que muy pocos otros tienen.

Camisetas Disney para adultos, bebés, niños, adolescentes y perros. Para ir todos en conjunto y disfrutar de la rutina diaria dándole un toque especial, único y diferente. 

¿Preparado para aumentar tus ventas y tus beneficios gracias a las camisetas al por mayor? ¿Listo para conseguir captar la atención de nuevos clientes y aumentar así tu cartera de clientes? ¡Pues adelante! Da un paso más y ¡únete a la nueva tendencia con Cerdá! Descubre un nuevo mundo que te ayudará a hacer despegar tu negocio.

Family fashion is an increasingly popular trend. Mums and dads wear the same clothes as their children, but in their own size, and even their pets.

At last, families have decided to go a step further and share new experiences, fun and complicity that make their bonds even closer. Take a look at our family catalogue.

And that makes it the perfect opportunity for any business in the retail sector, as it adds a little extra satisfaction to shopping by offering something that few others have.

Disney T-shirts for adults, babies, children, teenagers and dogs. To go all together and enjoy the daily routine giving it a special, unique and different touch. 

Ready to increase your sales and profits thanks to wholesale t-shirts? Ready to get the attention of new customers and increase your customer base? Then go ahead! Go one step further and join the new trend with Cerdá! Discover a new world that will help your business take off.

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