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Winter footwear, products and characters that will be in fashion in 2022!

27 March 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Preparing well in advance for future seasons can be a challenge. Cerdá however, can simplify things enormously and for two reasons! In addition to providing you with catalogs and quick deliveries, Cerdá knows how to provide you with all the information you need to anticipate trends and fashions.

As a footwear wholesaler, Cerdá constantly carries out market surveys both to create its own catalogs and to share this information with you. In this article, let's discuss Cerda's winter catalog: we will find out which ones will be trending in 2022 in order to help you start planning your store's offer for the next winter season.

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The Cerdá’s footwear from Winter 2022 catalog

For some time now, Cerdá has no longer been just a distributor of children's products. Its collections are also aimed at teens and adults. Kidult fashion, which makes adults rediscover their childish side, is becoming more and more popular: as a result, adult products featuring Disney, Marvel and other characters are also seeing an increase in sales.


Cerdá children's winter footwear are made with models that are easy to wear and equipped with straps that facilitate the fastening of the shoe and ensure it throughout the day.


The teen’s collection is aimed at an age group between 8 and 16 years old. In this catalog we find footwear of dimensions and workmanship more suitable for supporting weight and greater activities than those of children.

Next to outside shoes, furthermore, we find a wide range of footwear for the home, swimming pool and gym.


The Cerdá winter collection 2022 is also aimed at adults with shoes, slippers and other models.


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The models in the Cerdá winter 2022 catalog


Cerdá winter slippers are available for all ages and in various models.

The most common padded slippers are made for children and adults, while for the little ones Cerdá offers closed slippers or slippers that can be fastened on the front or on the heel. Also available in the catalog, there are shoes in the shape of the character that they portray, as if they were small plush toys, and padded boots for the colder days.

Sports shoes

Sports shoes are made for children and teenagers: footwear with a brightly colored polyester upper and a durable rubber sole.



Casual shoes

The casual shoes are inspired by the models of sneakers for adults but are created in suitable sizes also for teens and children. They are suitable for everyday activities, but can also be paired with a more elegant look for special occasions.


The boots for boys and girls are the classic winter boots, but made in sizes suitable for children and in much more fun colors than the classic models! Some models even have 3D or protruding elements to make the shoe even more fun!

Rubber boots

Rubber boots are the only ones that can protect your feet from rain or splashes of water after a rainy day. Cerdá has transformed these out-of-fashion shoes into fun and colorful items: Cerdá, to be honest, has even managed to transform rain boots into a nice gift idea.



The characters of the Cerdá winter footwear collection

Cerdá, as a footwear wholesaler, boasts many important collaborations that allow it to create products of all the most known and loved characters: Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, but also Hasbro and other toy houses. With so many characters available, how does Cerdá choose which character to dedicate each product to?

Certainly, the choice is not accidental. Cerdá, then, does not make any product of any character regardless of the model or target audience. Cerdá's choices, on the contrary, are dictated by careful market choices that go to find the trends dictated by each season, but also the characters most suitable for different age groups.

Here then are the characters selected for the Cerdá 2022 winter footwear catalog:

  • Harry Potter: the best known wizard in the world is loved by young and old alike. Harry Potter shoes and slippers are available for young and old
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie: the great classics are so important that they are present in practically all Cerdá collections. One of the characteristics of Mickey and Minnie is that they are intergenerational, which is why the shoes dedicated to these characters are present in all collections and in different models.
  • Avengers: The superheroes of the Avengers are much loved and well known. Cerdá shoes show off the symbols of all the most famous superheroes: Spiderman and Captain America for the little ones, the Marvel logo for the older ones
  • Frozen: the characters of Frozen have now become real classics. These characters go perfectly with all the winter collections, because the Frozen stories are set in the realms of Ice.
  • Peppa Pig: for the little ones there is no shortage of Peppa Pig shoes. The cartoon of the most famous pig in the world is dedicated to a group under the age of 5, so even the footwear dedicated to this character falls within this age group.
  • Paw Patrol: The Paw Patrols are loved by the little ones. Cerdá children's shoes are also dedicated to these four-legged heroes!
  • Batman: In addition to Marvel characters, other superheroes are equally famous. The best known example of that is Batman!
  • Looney Tunes: Cerdá also makes Looney Tunes products, funny and irreverent.


Cerdá winter footwear: what benefits can they bring to your store?

Cerdá winter shoes are suitable for being offered both in a classic physical store and in a modern e-commerce store. They will help you reach a large audience made up of young adults and parents looking for footwear for themselves, for their children, or even looking for gift ideas.

The shoes of the Cerdá characters need no introduction: all the characters who are portrayed on the slippers, sports shoes, casual shoes and on all models are known throughout the entire world. You can leverage the marketing of Disney, Marvel and other production companies in your favor.

Disney, Marvel and the other character creators are always at work: every year new content comes out in theaters, on streaming platforms, on television or even in comic publications. The interest in these characters, thus, is always kept alive in order to stimulate new trends and confirm the old ones. In this way, Cerdá winter footwear is always trending.

When an item never goes out of style, the benefits for your shop double. Thanks to this aspect, you will be able to propose the 2022 models also for future seasons in order to have no remaining or unsold inventory, optimize your resources, avoid waste, and increase your profit.

To take advantage of all the benefits of the Cerdá winter footwear collection, download the Winter 2022 catalog now.


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How to prepare for the winter season

To prepare for the new season, you need to think about three aspects in particular: how to stock your shop, how to set up the new windows, and which distributor to choose.

Cerdá, as a footwear wholesaler, can help you from all three points of view. First of all, thanks to contents like this, Cerdá always sheds light on current trends and on how to anticipate future ones. Instead of trying to keep up with the upcoming films and comics, you can consult the blog section of the Cerdá website to keep up to date on current trends and those planned for next season.

Cerdá also gives you excellent ideas on how to set up shop windows and shop. New trends also dictate window decoration styles: now that you know which characters will be in trend in winter 2022, you can more easily choose the theme of your shop windows. Remember that it is never too early to make plans when you have to manage a store, especially if it is a physical store that also has to deal with many logistical aspects.

Finally, Cerdá, as a footwear wholesaler, is your distributor of the most trendy winter footwear. Thanks to the collaborations we have named at the beginning of the article, Cerdá can make all the products we have mentioned and provide the original license. The license is the guarantee of the originality and quality of the product which testifies that a company has created a particular article by obtaining the authorization from whoever owns the rights to the character in question. When Cerdá makes Mickey Mouse shoes, for example, it's because she got permission directly from Disney! And the same happens for all the other Cerdá characters and products!

Don't wait to get ready for the upcoming winter season. Indeed, be ready! With this article we have made available to you everything you need to be ready to prepare the winter footwear offer of your store! And if you are looking for inspiration to set up your windows, visit also Ideas for setting up your winter windows.

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