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20 April 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Since we doubled the information panels in the footwear section in SuperMoments shops and standardised the signage for these products,  sales have increased by about 30% over the total sales in shops where footwear was already sold.

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Customer-centred strategy

The people who visit us in store are the key to the sales strategy. It is therefore important to take these aspects into account: 

  • Attract the attention of potential customers towards the products.
  • Create a good shopping experience.
  • Apply formulas to retain the buyer.
  • Provide full product information.




The power of visuals 

Signage is fundamental to the proper functioning of a business. With a persuasive, simple and well-placed wording, the signage fulfils a triple function:

  • It informs
  • creates curiosity and
  • encourages the buyer to look at, touch and test the product.

Good visual communication in store lies in the design of the signage. It manages to capture the attention with a new, simple, and clear design. Other important factors are the size of the visual elements, their location in the store and the colours used. 

It is important to highlight the type of footwear, in this example of SuperMoments "sports sales" signage. As well as specifying the characteristics of the product: padded interior, velcro closure and breathable fabric. In addition, attaching a photo of the product in question makes it easier for the customer to locate it in the store.

MicrosoftTeams-image (66)


The signage we have implemented in SuperMoments achieves the following objectives:

  • Increases the average time spent at the point of sale.
  • Drives self-sales by acting as a communication channel between store and customer.
  • Encourages the entry of potential customers to the establishment.
  • It facilitates the purchase decision, so it helps to generate a good user experience.

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This has resulted in an increase of up to 30% over the total sales in stores where footwear was already sold. We have achieved this with the right design and the correct location of the footwear signage, giving this category of products more prominence in the store. 


Mistakes to avoid

It is important to take these factors into account in terms of signage to make the most of your in-store function. In addition to a good design, the visual elements at the point of sale must be well positioned. It is also essential that the store logo appears on all designs. Also pay attention to the font size so that it is large enough to read without difficulty and above all:

  • Avoid misspellings, especially if the signage is in multiple languages.
  • Pay special attention to the images so that they are not deformed and are high quality.
  • Choose the right words well to avoid creating phrases that lead to customer confusion.

There are many things to take into account when implementing signage in a professional way at our point of sale.

The Retail Lab of the Cerdá Group

At SuperMoments Retail Lab, we want to help you reproduce powerful and effective implementations in your store, which is why we provide you with a set of communication materials and promotions that help your customer identify brands, discover offers and recognise the qualities and characteristics of the product.

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