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Ideas to decorate your store showcase for this summer season

31 January 2021 / per Cerdá Group

The situation that it has caused is being complicated and difficult, but only by providing maximum energy and enthusiasm, will we be able to overcome the negative effects that the pandemic is leaving us.

At Cerdá we are very aware of the need for our clients to find new ways to recover their sales flow and, therefore, their profits. And, as we always do, we want to stay by your side and support you in everything that is in our power. Therefore, below, we are going to give you a series of ideas on how to decorate your store's showcase in summer. Because a well thought out and devised showcase will capture the attention of consumers and create the need to buy.

So go ahead! Read on and head to a much better future.


What do you want to convey through your shop window


Before starting to set up your showcase, you must stop to think and analyze what it is that you really want to convey through it.

Most of the time, less is more, and not by including an extensive and messy assortment of all the products that you have will achieve better results. On the contrary, mindless chaos will not attract the attention of your customers. So think, organize and select the necessary elements to create something beautiful, original and different.

Create a story in your storefront that is logical and meaningful. Send a clear, direct and easy to understand the message.


A colorful showcase that evokes summer


Summer brings with it fun, happy and happy moments. Indirectly it evokes the feeling of being able to spend more time with family and friends and, therefore, has a really positive effect on people.

So when you have to decorate your store showcase you must think in cauasing the desired feeling in your customers.

The bright colors are a great claim this season, but including typical summer beach elements, such as seashells, floats, sand ... will transport the consumer, with just a glance, towards their own vacations.


Use seasonal food decoration


In our country, food is rich, healthy and a pleasure for the majority of Spaniards. And, in addition, we are extremely lucky to have a great variety of seasonal foods that evoke each of them in particular.

Using some of them to decorate your shop window in summer and telling your story through them is another great resource to consider.

Fruits such as watermelon, melon, pineapple, bananas, or the reference to ice cream, shellfish or fishermen's nets, will convey to customers that feeling of summer and rest that you are trying to convey. So go ahead! Capture their attention and have them enter your establishment.


Use the space to highlight your products


As we have said, in most cases less is more. And not by filling all the available centimeters of your shop window will you achieve greater results. Upside down.

So use your window to the public to create geometric shapes that give meaning to the story you want to tell. That makes it possible to highlight every one of the products selected to be part of your showcase and that attract the attention of consumers.

Present your different products by groups that make sense to each other. That represents geometric shapes in pyramid, circle, square ... and allows you to include empty spaces that highlight the products you are showing.

As a distributor of licensed products, at Cerdá we recommend that you carry out the ideas that we have transmitted to you in this article. Each product you offer tells its own story and framing it in your shop window is a fantastic opportunity to capture the attention of your customers.


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summer Tips and Advice


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