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Dog and owner matching clothes, the new trend for your store

9 January 2022 / per Cerdá Group

After noticing that the trend of buying coordinated clothing is becoming more and more popular, and that sales for items from the Family collection are increasing, Cerdá has decided to extend the collection to include all family members - bar none! This means that from today Cerdá offers coordinated dog and owner clothing!


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Cerdá dog and owner matching clothing

The dog and owner clothing is made in full Cerdá style: the human members of the family can therefore share their passions for cartoon, comic and video game characters with their four-legged friends.

As with clothing for children and adults, in fact, clothing for dogs and cats is also dedicated to the most loved characters. In this way, the owners can choose coats and accessories to coordinate with their clothing!

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The choice of characters fell on the most loved ones in the age group of children and adults: the tendency to buy coordinated clothing and accessories for oneself and one's dog is in fact prevalent in the world of young adults. For all these reasons, Cerdá accessories and clothing for dogs is mainly dedicated to:

  • The Disney classics, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, which never go out of style and are practically part of all Cerdá collections! You can also find other beloved characters such as Stitch or Disney Villains.
  • Marvel superheroes: in addition to superheroes, clothing and accessories are also decorated with the same Marvel or Avengers logo; for many young adults, in fact, it is the House of Ideas that is a point of reference and a passion, rather than the single character or superhero;
  • Star Wars: The world and the characters of Star Wars are known by young and old. The grown-ups are the most affectionate ones and aliens and robots, however, because for them the world of Star Wars is tinged with 80s nostalgia.
  • Other superheroes: not only Marvel. Thanks to his collaborations, Cerdá can create products with original licenses dedicated to other superheroes such as Batman or Superman.
  • The Pride Collection: the Pride collection is a Cerdá novelty with which this wholesale distributor has decided to embrace the cause of LGBT + rights. Even for dogs and cats, then, there are coats and accessories that show off the rainbow flag.


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Pet clothing and more

But what kind of clothing and accessories does Cerdá make available for your dog, so that you can always be coordinated?



Dog clothing

Dog clothing is made up of coats and harnesses. All are made of washable and waterproof material. For small dogs, the coats are also padded so they can offer the cold protection that smaller pooches need during the winter months.


Collars and leashes

Collars and leashes are the dog accessory par excellence. Thanks to Cerdá, your dog will be able to show off a coordinated collar and leash not only with each other, but also in your clothing!

As for clothing, collars are also available in all sizes. The models are also customized according to size: collars for smaller dogs are thinner, while those for larger dogs are resistant and reinforced.

Alongside the collars, Cerdá has also made harnesses for both small and medium-sized dogs.



With Cerdá, the family can even coordinate clothing and accessories for the home! We are talking, of course, about the accessories that every puppy needs: bowl, bed, mat and even a padded indoor kennel.

All of the Cerdá pet accessories are available in the character designs we mentioned above!


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Matching dog and owner outfits

To complete the coordinated look with our four-legged friends, it is not enough just to take care of our dog's outfit ... clothing must also be available for the human family members to coordinate!

Cerdá offers many options to create coordinated outfits. First of all, dog and owner are free to choose any accessory or item of clothing in the Cerdá collection in a coordinated way: for example, accessories dedicated to the world of superheroes, or clothes dedicated to the same character.


Cerdá, however, has gone even further, creating coordinated collections for the family: it means that the designs are conceived to be worn by all the members of the family, in a personalized way for every size, gender and age group, but that they show off all the same design.


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Where to find accessories and clothing for pets?

Cerdá has created a catalog completely dedicated to the world of animals. Download the Fan For Pets collection now! Each coat, raincoat or accessory for dogs or cats can be coordinated with the entire Cerdá clothing collection (for humans!), Even with clothes and accessories from the Pride line in support of LGBT + rights and pride.

To go even further, Cerdá also offers the Family Style collection in which it provides coordinated clothing lines for all members of the family, to which accessories and clothing for animals can be added.


Cerdá: anything you need to exploit every trend!

As usual, Cerdá not only highlights the new trends it discovers thanks to market surveys, but also provides you with everything you need to be able to make the most of them.

Cerdá offers you a complete service and becomes the reference point for your shop, whatever your needs are. Find out how Cerdá can support your business depending on the type of shop or business you manage; find out what you need.

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Products and Novelties for fan pets


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