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6 key factors to improve your store management

6 January 2022 / per Cerdá Group

To be sure of winning the competition and creating a successful business you need to adopt effective sales techniques, customer  strategies, and rely on an experienced and quality supplier. Cerdá helps you understand how to improve your store management.

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6 factors to improve store management

1. Identify your needs

Not all shops or businesses have equal needs. While the retail store needs featured products, products on the shelves, and stock in the warehouse, the online store can only focus on restocking its own warehouse.

A supplier like Cerdá is ideal because it personalizes the services it makes available to you based on the type of business you manage. In particular, it identifies:

  • Retail store
  • Store chains
  • Distribution
  • Large distribution
  • Online shops


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2. Quality supplier

Choosing a supplier should be a priority in running your store. We have seen how Cerdá provides customized services according to your needs; in addition to the quality of the service, however, it is equally important to evaluate the quality of the products that the wholesale distributor can provide you.

Following the example of Cerdá, this distributor is a guarantee of quality and experience. And we base this judgment on some aspects:

  • Cerdá has been in business for over thirty years;
  • Cerdá, specialized in merchandise of cartoon characters, video games and comics, boasts collaborations with all the most important producers and creators of the aforementioned characters: Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter brand, and many others.
  • All Cerdá products are provided with original license: they not only use the original designs of their creators but are also qualitatively guaranteed.

Summarizing the characteristics that make Cerdá a winning wholesale distributor, we have also illustrated what are the characteristics that a good supplier should have.


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3. Cultivate customer relationships

Customer relationship isn't just something that happens when a person walks into your store to buy something. If so, could we perhaps say that in the case of an online store there are no relationships with the customer and that you can therefore neglect this aspect?

Obviously not. Doing so would be a mistake that would deliver tons of your customers to the competition.


The relationship with the customer begins before the purchase and ends after. All your marketing strategies are an attempt to establish a relationship with the customer, which develops when they contact your store for a purchase, and which does not end when the bill is paid. Customer , in fact, continues even afterwards: cross-selling strategies, newsletters, customer assistance are all different aspects that are part of customer management.


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4. Staff training

Customers who physically or virtually enter your store make no difference between the owner, or manager of the business and the employees. For customers, all the people inside the store, in some way, represent it.

This is why it is important that the staff who work with and for you must share your same principles, your same ethics, and also have or increase their knowledge and experience.

To achieve this, you don't just have to limit yourself to hiring staff; training will be equally important and not just from a technical point of view: make sure you share your ideals and goals with the whole team.


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5. Monitor the competition

One of the most important aspects of store management is the analysis of competitors. Competition analysis is an activity that aims to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, to develop your strategy but also to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are (compared to theirs).

Analyzing the competition doesn't just mean focusing on products and pricing, but also what marketing strategies they are implementing, how their business develops, what kind of communication they have with their customers and what their customer support services are after-sales.

Finally, the analysis of competitors is an activity to be carried out regularly. It is important at the beginning of your business, but it continues to offer ideas even in the later stages of your business development.



6. The importance of the internet

Even if your shop is the classic point of sale, even if you have a long experience behind you and you seem to be able to do without the web, never underestimate the importance of this great, enormous, means of communication that is the Internet. Today, it's not just online businesses that refer to the internet.

Consider the web as your ally: use marketing strategies, use it to stay in communication with your customers and cultivate your relationship with them, expand the sales channels of your store.

The Internet is also the channel through which, today, people discover new products and new stores. If you give up your web presence, you also give up a large chunk of the public.

The web is also not to be underestimated as a source of information. What are the needs of your customers? What are the trends of the moment? What's new in the cinema or on television that could influence trends in your business sector? All this knowledge on the web is easily accessible.



Improve your store management with Cerdá

Store management is a complex activity. With Cerdá's advice, however, you have learned how to divide a complex problem into others that are simpler, or of reduced complexity, and therefore hot to increase your sales. Cerdá remains your point of reference in all this: you can consider it a real ally to which you can entrust some tasks: Cerdá, in fact, carries out market surveys, provides you with original licensed products, and provides you with a personalized service based on your needs.

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Point of Sale Tips and Advice


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