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Character pyjamas: the new trend for family fun

22 December 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Cerdá is not only your wholesale distributor. As you will have learned by now, Cerdá provides a complete service, which also includes market analysis and related information. Market analyzes are aimed at identifying the most profitable niches and new market trends. In this regard, Cerdá signals a growing trend: that of coordinated clothing for the whole family.

Coordinated clothing for the family is a way to share one's passions and color the days of fun. This trend, however, does not refer to clothing in general, but to clothing dedicated to cartoons, or in any case to characters from comics, cartoons or video games. The Cerdá style, then, seems to have been born for this very reason. In this article, however, as a distributor of wholesale pyjamas, at Cerdá we know that there's a new market trend that is becoming increasingly popular and we want to go into even more detail and find the most profitable niche in this area.


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Matching cartoon pyjamas for the whole family

While it is true that the trend of wearing coordinated clothes for the whole family is becoming increasingly popular, it is also true that pyjamas, in particular, are the garment that is generally preferred.

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Cartoon pyjamas are the most loved item by customers of all ages for their coordinated look for the family. Cartoon pyjamas, in particular, are worn to spend the holidays at home and add a pop of color. Then there is no shortage of pyjama parties, Christmas mornings, family photos ... these are all special occasions in which this new trend requires the different members of the family to wear coordinated pyjamas.

This is why Cerdá character pyjamas will help you increase your sales.


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Cerdá character pyjamas

Within the Family collection, specifically designed to provide families with coordinated looks inspired by their favorite characters, there are numerous models of pyjamas for all members of the family, of different ages and of different genders.

As distributors of wholesale pyjamas, we have created the Family Styel catalog to go beyond the concept of "dresses and pyjamas all the same", offering day and night clothing that is coordinated, but not identical to each other.

In this way, each member of the family will be able to have the most suitable pyjamas for their age group and gender, with a design and subject that recalls those of the rest of the family.



Character pyjamas: the designs

The pyjamas in the Family catalog are mainly summer and consist of short shorts and t-shirts. They are available for boys and girls, and for adults - men and women. Different sizes are available for each model so you can customize the look so that it fits perfectly for every member of the family!


Character pyjamas: the characters

As a distributor of wholesale pyjamas, the characters who were selected to be part of the Family catalog of coordinated day and night clothing for the whole family were those that unite and fascinate the different generations, regardless of gender or other factors.


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Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie could not be missing in this collection. Everyone, young and old, knows who they are and allows a personalization of the different models based on Minnie or Mickey Mouse. All pyjamas, in any case, are coordinated; in this way, even if some members of the family will wear Mickey's pyjamas, and others those of Minnie, the looks will still be all coordinated with each other.



The superhero theme is also a theme that unites several generations. A bit like it happened for Mickey and Minnie, characters like Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America, even though they were created years ago, are still very current and, above all, continue to fascinate children.

If for children, Marvel's superheroes mean actuality, for adults they mean nostalgia. That's why a coordinated night look dedicated to the most famous superheroes in the world in a comic theme brings the whole family together!



Harry Potter

Harry Potter also unites the whole family. While the boy wizard and the Hogwarts school accompanied the childhoods of those who are parents today, the same characters and the same magical world are conquering the imagination and hearts of today's little ones. Harry Potter pyjamas are a way to feel at Hogwarts and to share a common passion!


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Grogu, the child

The world of Star Wars and its characters are once again as popular as they were in the 1980s thanks to the new entertainment products released by Disney on different platforms. In addition to feature films in cinemas, the Mandalorian series on Disney + has enriched the world of the faraway galaxy with new places and characters. Among these, the most loved is certainly The Child.

The Child pyjamas allow the whole family to experience the passion for Star Wars and an 80s atmosphere together for the most nostalgic parents!



Among the many Disney characters, the little purple alien seems to be one of those who best know how to unite young and old. This is why Cerdá has decided to dedicate a line of pyjamas also to this particular character, creating models with different background colors to suit all tastes!


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Cerdá is your character pyjamas distributor

As a distributor of wholesale pyjamas, all Cerdá character pyjamas are provided with original license, guarantees of quality as well as originality. The Family catalog has been designed to follow a growing trend and narrow the field to a special niche: these are the two factors that most of all can ensure an increase in sales and the success of a campaign. Download the Cerdá Family catalog now and provide your customers with pyjamas to spend nights and mornings with their coordinated pyjamas!

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