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Top 6 best-selling characters

8 July 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Minnie and Spiderman, the favorites.

With 18.54% of total sales and 12.98% respectively, Minnie and Spiderman generated 32% of total sales in our Retail Lab SuperMoments in 2021.

They are followed in the Top 6 by Frozen, Mickey, Avengers and Harry Potter.



95% of purchasing decisions are made by our emotions.

95% of purchasing decisions are made by our emotions. According to a study by FastCompany, the fact that we make decisions after a cold reflection is a myth. Our emotions are always there and always end up influencing what we do. Emotions are what really drive buying behaviour and also decision-making in general.

Although there is a list of logical reasons why we buy a product, the reality is that the emotional part is always there, influencing the final decision. That's why we are more likely to end up buying a product or brand that we feel an emotional connection to.


Nothing thrills like a gift


When you think about giving a gift, you are undoubtedly looking to excite that special person. Our colleague Sandra Ruiz, Store and Talent Manager at SuperMoments, tells you how we apply special character implementations in our Retail Lab to help people feel satisfied with their choice.

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Character-based implementation

To help you highlight the Top 6 characters on your shelf, we designed specific implementation modules for each one.

In this case, we grouped all the Minnie items and all the Spiderman items together in the same place so that:

  • Boost cross-selling by presenting products from different categories.
  • Focus the customer's attention, thus facilitating decision making.
  • Generate a unique shopping experience by creating harmony on the shelf.





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Retail Lab Point of Sale Tips and Advice


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