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Minnie Mouse accessories for all ages, discover them!

19 September 2021 / per Cerdá Group

If Disney is the most important production company in the world when it comes to children’s characters, Minnie and Mickey Mouse are certainly its lead ones. These anthropomorphic mice are famous from North to South, from East to West, and they are the pioneers of a world of animation drawings that conquered children and adults. They are more than 100 years old, but they are as young as ever!

Children are discovering them for the first time, and they find them original, funny, fresh, as though they were the latest character realized by a new production company… but they are the oldest products from one of the oldest cartoon production companies!

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Adults had never forgotten the magic of a world where the winning values were those of friendship, love, and kindness.

Today children and yesterdays have grown up with the adventure of the comics and animated cartoons of Minnie and Mickey Mouse, that’s why these two Are still among the winners when it comes to merchandising for all ages. Cerdá is aware of all this and has relied on a whole collection of Minnie Mouse accessories within the beauty catalog, and you will be able to use them to increase your sales.


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Minnie Accessories: versatility

The versatility of the Minnie mouse accessories is that all the accessories as a category. As we have mentioned many times in our articles, the category of accessories is a precious resource for your store for many reasons:

  • They are small products and they are often provided with exhibitors that are just as small. They can be located in every corner of your store, even on the most important of them that is near or on your counter.
  • They are versatile products, and they are suitable for any kind of business, online or retail, specialized In gift ideas, clothing, comics, shoes, and much more.
  • They are affordable both for you and for your clients. So, they are a stimulus to enter your store or spend some euros more and you can just grow your own sales and income this way.
  • They are cheap and simple gift ideas that allow adults and children to make gifts for their friends that are affordable but always refined.



Minnie Mouse accessories for Cerdá

Other than the accessory category, the Minnie Mouse accessories are also available in each of the categories that Cerdá provides for you.


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In the new bags collection, Cerdá included a beauty case that can be used for many occasions (like travel beauty case, toilet beauty case, for school, or even lunch).

Made from waterproof material this beauty case is highly resistant and durable, and the same is for the printing on the front.



Within the beauty catalog by Cerdá we also find Minnie's pieces of clothing and accessories for all ages.


Download our Beauty catalog


The Minnie clothing catalog also includes the newborns' wear. Newborn clothing isn't usually counted among the accessory category, but there are some characteristics in common between the two that you can exploit to increase your sales. They are small so that you can locate them in many strategic corners of your store, they are cheap, and they are the perfect gift idea! Never underestimate the fact that newborns and their parents are always even gifts never underestimate the fact that newborns and they are always in need of new clothes.


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As you may know, the sender also deals with shoes. In their collection, there are always shoes, flip-flops, boots, and house shoes, the most varied models and all the sizes, even adult ones.

Even as regards to the character of Minnie mouse, Cerdá’s offer is just as wide: from flip-flops to sports shoes, from boots to sandals!


We can consider flip-flops as belonging to the category of accessories because you can exploit them in your store just like you’d do for accessories, even if your store isn’t specialized in shoes. We should also highlight the fact that Minnie flip-flops are available for both children and adults.


Accessories and beauty catalog

Let’s now speak about the beauty catalog itself. Here, you can find the many products that Cerdá dedicated to Minnie and they are available for both children and adults.

Children’s sunglasses are realized in dimensions suitable to the girls’ little faces and have 3D elements that make these items even more fun!

Minnie’s Bijouterie provides bracelets and other beauty accessories that are excellent gift ideas.


The Beauty Line includes hair accessories too. One of the top products in this category - that’s going to fly off your shelves! - is the Minnie Headband provided with the traditional Minnie’s red ribbon. Girls who wear it look like they are wearing a ribbon just like Minnie’s.

Last but not least, the beauty sets are bags that contain several hair accessories, all dedicated to the character of Minnie Mouse: hairbrushes, hairbands, clips, and more! The bags are decorated with Minnie’s drawings too! This is another of those items that are easily sold as a gift idea.


Download now Cerdá’s beauty catalog for your store to have a look at all the Minnie accessories. All of them are provided with Disney’s original license: it means that the materials are premium and durable, the designs are original, and that Minnie is portrayed according to Disney’s original drawings. This is possible thanks to Cerdá’s collaboration with Disney that goes proudly on since more than 30 years ago.

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