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Give light to your business with led backpacks!

17 October 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Since the world has been turned upside down by the pandemic, the return to school has become even a more important event for students, teachers, parents and for society as a whole! If on the one hand teens and children have been missing from school for a very long time and are even more excited to go back to school, the school opening also sends a strong signal of recovery to the whole of society.

This is why the back to school season this year is even more special! As a wholesale backpacks distributor, with Cerdá backpacks and bags collection, even your shop will be able to celebrate one of the most important returns to school in history as it should! The Cerdá backpacks collection, then, has been enriched with particular designs and exclusive LED backpacks! Children won't believe their eyes!


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LED backpacks: what they are

The LED backpacks work thanks to the small LED light points installed inside the fabrics and the structure of the backpack itself. These are not elements that shine or reflect light, but real lights that turn on and off and that are part of the backpack's design.

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With children’s favorite character designs, Cerdá utilizes the LED lights to make the characters even more realistic and the figures on the backpacks even more engaging! For example, the LED becomes the ray of Iron Man's glove, the eyes of Batman's mask, or the snowflakes on Frozen's backpack.

The lights are activated by touch on the front of the backpack for an even more magical effect!




Backpacks with LEDs: design

Backpacks with LED lights are mainly dedicated to the little ones. These are therefore small backpacks, very compact and very resistant. Made of polyester and EVA, they are also waterproof and equipped with a main opening with a zip, and side accessory pockets.


The characters depicted are the favorites of preschoolers:

  • Iron Man: the LED light is the famous laser on Iron Man's glove;
  • Batman: the lights illuminate the eyes of the Batman behind the mask;
  • Frozen: the lights make the snowflakes even more special;
  • Spiderman: as for Batman, also in Spiderman the lights enhance the spiderman's look;
  • Harry Potter: the LED light becomes the beacon on the Hogwarts Express locomotive;
  • Minnie: LED lights enrich the details of Minnie's famous polka dot bow; 
  • LOL Surprise: the LED lights illuminate the stars on the backpack.

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More than LED backpacks

Cerdá has always considered the school and stationery sector to be important. It is an important market on which to focus, especially in the period between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. The Cerdá collections, in fact, include a Back to School 2021 catalog, which includes LED backpacks and much more!


The bags and backpacks collection by Cerdá does not stop with LED backpacks and goes far beyond school backpacks. Cerdá manufactures bags and backpacks for all occasions, beyond school, and for all ages.


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Cerdá back to school collection

The Cerdá back to school collection does not stop at backpacks. Cerdá wanted to think of all the accessories that children, teenagers and adults need when they attend school, university and work and wanted to equip them with all the necessary arsenal.

Pencil cases in different designs portray many different characters, so that everyone can buy them - if they want - in coordination with their backpack.

In addition to backpacks and pencil cases, in the Cerdá collection there is no shortage of notebooks, lunch boxes, pens, and sets that can become fun gift ideas.



Cerdá bags and backpacks collection

The Cerdá back to school collection is dedicated to students of all ages: from children who attend kindergarten to young adults who go to university or to work.

Backpacks and bags have different cuts and designs: small backpacks for middle and high school students, and more casual for adults.

In addition to backpacks, Cerdá also produces a large collection of bags that can be useful inside and outside universities and schools.


As we have mentioned, the target audience is not just that of children. The designs are customized for age groups, as well as the choice of characters to portray on the bags and backpacks, so that whatever the nature and target audience of your store you can take advantage of this autumn period to increase sales in the bags sector, backpacks, and school accessories.


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How to take advantage of the LED backpacks and back to school collection in your shop

The period between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn can be very profitable for those shops that provide their customers with school accessories, starting with backpacks and ending with pens and notebooks.


It is a period that advertises itself: no one needs marketing campaigns to remind customers that it's time to go back to school. They know for themselves! For this reason, you can focus all your investment on getting the best LED backpacks, bags, school bags, and school accessories and show them to your customers.

There is no need for your shop to specialize in stationery or school products. You can also take advantage of the autumn trend with accessories that can find space in any type of store.

Finally, don't underestimate the bags and backpacks for adults with Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter and other Cerdá characters. As we have reiterated several times in our articles, Kidult fashion is becoming more and more popular, and more and more adults tend to enhance their childish side.


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To find more ideas about how to exploit the back to school collection, take a look at Back to school promotion ideas.

Become the reference point for your customers with the LED backpacks and wholesale backpacks in the Cerdá back to school collection: provide them with special products for a special back to school!

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Products and Novelties back to school


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