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Novelties in Cerdá! Discover the summer fashion collection 2022

5 October 2021 / per Cerdá Group

With the Summer 2022 collection, for example, Cerdá was able to predict the biggest summer fashion trends for next year. Such a result is achieved thanks to the advanced analysis tools that are put in place, but also thanks to the thirty years of experience gained by this clothing and accessories wholesaler.

In this article, we are going to discover the Cerdá Summer 2022 catalog so that you can already learn as much as possible about the next new trends, start getting an idea on the products to focus on next year, and move on to action by downloading the catalog that is already at your disposal.


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Cerdá's summer fashion: the Summer 2022 catalog

Cerdá products: not just summer clothing

As Cerdá has accustomed us by now, its catalogs include much more than just clothing. So let's discover all the summer 2022 fashion products.


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The first section of the Cerdá summer catalog is dedicated to bags. Keeping in mind the main activities that take place in the summer, Cerdá has created beach and leisure bags, alongside backpacks for children and waist bags for adults.

Beach bags are made of cotton, while backpacks and packs, which need to be more resistant and waterproof, are made of polyester with transparent plastic elements (on some models only).

As we have mentioned, the bags are available for children, teens and adults. The shapes and sizes are customized for each age group, but also the characters that decorate them: everyone has the perfect bag for their tastes and needs!


Cerdá summer clothing

As for summer clothing, the Summer 2022 catalog includes clothing for all ages: from neonatal clothing, to clothing for children, teenagers and even adults. Cerdá has by now accustomed us to finding adult products in all its catalogs. This choice is also the result of market research which has highlighted a growing trend among the adult public to wear and use accessories decorated with the characters they are or were fans of during  their childhood.


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In this same section, in addition to summer day clothing, we find many items dedicated to the night area, with nice short pyjamas for all ages.

In Cerdá summer clothing, cotton is mainly used: a light and fresh material and, above all, natural and of the highest quality.



Cerdá summer footwear

The Cerdá summer footwear collection for 2022 includes beach shoes - such as slippers and flip-flops for all ages - and leisure footwear. In this last category we find both canvas shoes decorated with lively and durable prints, and sandals made of rubber and polyester to offer good protection to the foot.


Cerdá summer accessories

Cerdá summer accessories complete the summer fashion collection with beach towels, sunglasses and other accessories ideal for the typical activities that take place during the holidays: beach, swimming pool, walks …


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Also, in this case, Cerdá has thought of both an audience of children and adults, customizing the design and decorations according to the different age groups.



Summer fashion collection: the characters

Cerdá's collaborations have made possible a very rich summer collection in accordance with the main trends of next summer.


New summer collection 2022



The collaboration with Disney offers great possibilities. In all the collections there are the best known characters such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse, the characters of Frozen and Star Wars.

Alongside these more popular characters, we find some products related to less stable market trends such as Princesses.

Cerdá was also able to take advantage of Disney's Pride campaign. A line of colorful products that supports the LGBT + rights flag. In this collection, there are many products for adults belonging to all categories: summer clothing, bags, fanny packs, accessories.



The collaboration with Marvel also offers a wide range of characters that are quite comparable to those of Disney in terms of versatility. Superheroes always capture the imagination of the little ones and remain in the hearts of grown ups.

The images of the superheroes, as well as the designs created with the logo of the House of Ideas, perfectly fit both children's and adults’ product designs in all categories.


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For the most rebellious kidults, Cerdá has created products dedicated to AC / DC for next summer!


Harry Potter

Harry Potter can also be called an intergenerational character. That is why, with different designs, the most famous wizard in the world is portrayed in both children's and adult products.


LOL Surprise and Baby Shark

When Cerdá manufactures products for different age groups, it does not only customize sizes, dimensions and technical characteristics, but also the designs themselves Baby Shark and LOL Surprise products are an example. These characters are aimed at a very young audience: therefore, only products dedicated to a preschool age group are decorated with these characters.



Cerdá's Summer 2022 collection is ready and updated with the trends expected for next season. The Cerdá catalog itself is an important resource through which you will be able to understand in which direction summer 2022 fashion will move.

Don't let the change of season catch you off guard: be prepared with the brand new Summer 2022 catalog by Cerdà.

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summer Products and Novelties


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