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Maximize your profits: Importing stationery is your best option.

22 August 2023 / per Cerdá Group

Stationery plays a vital role in our daily lives. Despite the advance of digitalization and the invasion of our time, technology still does not completely replace craftsmanship. In children and adults, pens, folders, agendas, glue, scissors and other stationery tools facilitate daily actions and the development of creativity. These items give us back the satisfaction of writing, drawing or creating in the digital era. For all these reasons, the stationery business remains profitable and will continue to be so despite new technologies.

  1. Financial advantages
  2. Commercial advantages
  3. Licensed products

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1. Why are stationery products profitable?

Stationery products have a very broad target market, from students to artists or from households to companies. In all sectors and segments of the population we find customers who need stationery. They are also in constant demand, although it is true that during the "back-to-school" campaign they are in high demand, but they do not suffer as much as other products due to seasonal trends.

The reasons that lead people to buy stationery products are varied. One of them is impulsivity, being products that are usually affordable and frequently used, many customers buy on impulse and develop a relationship of loyalty with the store where they purchased the products, generating repeat sales over time. On the other hand, they are products that can also be used as gifts or, in the case of companies, to achieve visibility and promotion by printing their logo on them. 

In addition, stationery items have many distribution channels, from specialized physical stores to kiosks or websites. This allows greater flexibility in the sales strategy and makes it easier to reach a wider audience. A final aspect we would like to highlight is the barrier to entry, as these products have a low price and do not require a specialized infrastructure, so the initial investment is lower than for other products. It is this low barrier, added to the constant demand, which makes importing stationery items allow you to obtain a wide profit margin.

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2. What makes stationery special?

These products have unique advantages that allow them to differentiate themselves from the rest, especially in the digital age. Among them are:They offer a tactile experience and stimulate the senses, offering greater connection with the information as opposed to screens, which are more distant and cold.

  • They encourage creativity.
  • They allow an effective organization minimizing the distractions of technology.
  • Improve memory and strengthen information retention.
  • Provide greater freedom, requiring neither energy nor internet connection.
  • Produce a greater sense of achievement, generating satisfaction.
  • They favor closer and more intense social relationships, things "handmade" produce from tenderness to pride in the people with whom we interact.

    All this, added to the possibility of presenting varied designs, makes stationery one of the areas that offers the greatest creative freedom and personalization. Considering that part of your target audience are children and teenagers who are studying, stationery products with licensed designs are especially profitable.

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3. Advantages of licensed products

Many licenses are already geared towards children's audiences so licensed stationery is an attractive differentiation for customers. As far as children are concerned, seeing their favorite characters on any product improves the saleability of the product, but, especially in stationery, licensed products appeal to children who want to take them to class to show off their Spiderman pencil or their favorite series pencil case.


On the other hand, young people maintain the need to show others the things they like. Finally, adults also resort to licenses for the nostalgia of remembering when they were children.

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In general, products that include licences have many advantages. Among them, these brands have large advertising campaigns to back them up. Not only are they advertised through their own brand, as could be the case with the films or the books in the case of Harry Potter, but they also have a loyal and interested public in the search for products. In turn, licensing is a method of differentiation in itself by being able to offer functional items that appeal to the emotions to generate a greater connection between the customer and the product.

Now you know the advantages of importing and distributing stationery. It is a market that is easy to access, flexible and can be strengthened through differentiation, especially through licensed products.

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