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27 March 2024 / per Cerdá Group

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and win the hearts of furry customers and their families? Perfect! Because here we're going to explore which products are hot and can't miss in your business.

    1. Happiness has four legs and a tail
    2. For Fan Pets
      2.1 Don't let them escape!
      2.2 Have fun playing
      2.3 Eating and sleeping is all a start!
      2.4 Furry with style
    3. Trust Cerdá

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1. Happiness has four legs and a tail

Pets play an important role in many families around the world, providing companionship, affection and lots of love. However, it is very important to understand and properly care for their needs to ensure their well-being.

Nowadays a pet is much more than a companion animal, it is like a son or daughter to whom you want to give the best and be the best parent. What's more, according to data from the Spanish Network for the Identification of Pets (Reiac), in Spain, for example, there are more dogs than children under 15 years of age.

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It is also confirmed that 62% of Spaniards under 15 years of age have a pet, while in the USA the figure reaches 70%. This is why, with this data, it is understandable to think that having a business oriented towards the care or entertainment of pets is a good option for making a profit.

En Cerdá Group, como mayoristas de productos licenciados, queremos que tu negocio arrase en este sector y por ello te ofrecemos una línea de productos para mascotas. For Fan Pets: para que familias y mascotas puedan vivir el fenómeno fan.

At Cerdá Group, as wholesalers of licensed products, we want your business to make a splash in this sector, which is why we offer you a line of products for pets. For Fan Pets: so that families and pets can experience the fan phenomenon.

2.For Fan Pets

For Fan Pets was born out of our love for pets. Considering that they are a very important member of this and as a distribution company of licensed products for all audiences, we could not forget the furry children of the house. Therefore, as distributors of pet accessories we want to offer you products that will boost your business.


2.1Don't let them escape!

Welcome to the world of dog fashion, where collars, harnesses and leashes are not just an accessory, they're furry style statements! Diseño sin título (22)

These products are not only accessories that make it easier for families and pets to walk and enjoy, but they also allow families to give their pets a fan's touch, how? With leashes of their favourite licenses and characters such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Minnie, Mickey o Marvel.

Products that are sturdy, comfortable, safe and adjustable, with attachments that can withstand any tug so families can feel safe and secure when out and about with their pets. We can't forget the decorative details that make for a perfect and beautiful finish to show off on long walks.

With different sizes, at Cerdá we adjust to the size of each pet and to the tastes of each family, incorporating the licenses with the top characters of the moment, managing to boost your business and making it a success in sales.

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2.2 Have fun playing

Another product that will take your shop to the next level is toys. These are not only going to entertain pets, but they are going to become the key elements of excitement and joy for these furry ones.

That's why we've also included them in our catalogue, where you can find all kinds of toys such as  teethers, balls, dental cords, soft toys and even cat wands, products that are resistant to epic battles and with which to have fun. Without leaving aside the fan phenomenon, all of them designed with characters such as  Stitch, Minnie, Hulk, Capitán América or Harry Potter.

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2.3 Eating and sleeping is all a start!

Make sure that the products that are indispensable in the daily lives of your customers' pets are not bland and boring. Make them stand out on the shelves of your shop.


In our catalogue you can find mats and beds for the good rest of the pets, as well as  transport bags  and  feeders  with the characters of the moment.

2.4 Furry with style

Vestir a los peludos de la casa es divertido, ¡ y también una forma de que tus clientes expresen su personalidad y darle un toque de diversión a la vida de sus mascotas!

Desde coatspara los días más fríos o raincoat para los días de lluvia, t-shirts o sweatshirts para que sean los protagonistas de la calle cuando salgan a pasear y hasta chaquetas vaqueras para las ocasiones especiales. Esto son los artículos que podrás encontrar en el catalogo de For Fan Pets de Cerdá Goup. No pierdas la oportunidad de impulsar tu negocio con estos productos licenciados y conseguir que tus clientes puedan llevar a sus mascotas a la última.

Dressing the furry ones in the house is fun, and also a way for your customers to express their personality and add a touch of fun to their pets' lives!

From coats for colder days or raincoat for rainy days, t-shirts  or  sweatshirts to make them the stars of the street when they go for a walk and even denim jackets for special occasions. These are the items you can find in the For Fan Pets catalogue of Cerdá Goup. Don't miss the opportunity to boost your business with these licensed products and get your customers to wear their pets in the latest fashion.

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From Mickey, Minnie, Marvel, the Villains to Stitch clothing, products with the licenses that are always in fashion, increase the level of customer satisfaction, making them need that product and as a result increase the sales and profits of your business.

But that's not all, watch out! Make pet products gain even more strength in your shop, following a trend that is here to stay and revolutionised dog and human fashion. Get ready for the incredible phenomenon of families and pets dressing alike.

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With Cerdá it is possible, as we offer sweatshirts, pyjamas or T-shirts, with the same licences as our furry friends wear harnesses, sweatshirts or walking bags. Join this trend and buy the products that will make families and their furry friends closer than ever.

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3. Trust Cerdá

As wholesale pet distributors, at Cerdá we want to offer the best products and we work so that the furry members of the family, who are like another son or daughter, have a wide variety of products. 

Licensed articles are always a success in any business and we know that pets are no longer simple animals, they are part of the family and the people who take care of them will always want to give them the best. From harnesses, collars, leashes, mats, toys and even clothing, everything your customers are looking for to make their pets' lives the same or better than their own.

At Cerdá we want your customers to be able to get all these products and that, in addition to comfort and safety, you can offer them designs that they will love with the best licenses such as The Mandalorian, Mickey, Minnie, Spiderman, Star Wars, Batman, Avengers, Stitch, Disney Princesses, Deadpool, Superman... There's plenty to choose from!

If you love animals as much as we do, don't miss out on all the novelties and products that we can offer your business. Make the whole family have fun and enjoy their furry friends.

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Disney products Cerdá products for fan pets newsletter


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