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Retail showcase display ideas: take note!

10 December 2019 / per Cerdá Group

The showcase is the letter of introduction of our business and its decoration can be decisive for a client to go through the door. On sale, a time when discounts become an incentive for the customer, the price must be a clear protagonist in our showcase.

When choosing the decoration we must take into account what kind of promotions we are going to do and how we want to transmit them. From this, we present 4 ideas to decorate showcases on sale:

Showcase of discounts

Do you want to use discounts as a hook to attract customers? If we opt for this strategy, the message that we will have to focus on our shop window is that of the sale, that is, the discounts that the customer will find inside our store. For this, we can use posters or vinyls of bright colors.

Showcase of products

In this strategy, the prominence of our showcase remains the product, what is more attractive to push the customer than to have the product you are looking for? This technique works perfectly when the prescribers of the purchase are children, since they do not favor prices or discounts, but rather their favorite characters attract their attention. Who can resist a Star Wars backpack?

Price showcase

This option is usually used when we want to make  a final auction of the products on sale. 

If we had previously opted for the showcase of discounts we will now choose an attractive signage that announces a unit price per product category. For example: children's character glasses at € 10, car cases at € 5...

On the other hand, if we had opted for the product option, we will make a composition with a single product and announce the unit price we have inside. Thus, we could make a composition of backpacks of animated characters and put up a “€ 15 €” sign.

Creative showcase

If creativity is your forte, a showcase can also be the perfect setting to tell a story. In this type of strategies we must show the discount in an indirect way making the product a character in our history.  Are you already thinking about what story to tell the little ones to enter your store? Your can help yourself with their favorite characters, no kid will resist Elsa, from Frozen. 

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Take care of the lighting

Lighting is a key factor for the user to notice your business. Depending on the type of strategy we adopt to decorate our windows in sales we will have to bet on one type of lighting or another.

If we want to focus on the product, we will focus on a dim lighting in the entire window and a white light bulb towards the products to be highlighted. If, on the contrary, our strategy is based on creativity and we want to tell a story, we will use general lighting. In the strategies of discounts and prices we can play with the typography and illuminate keywords such as offers, sales or, in English, sales. 

Choose the perfect signage

Large-format signage becomes an indispensable when we think about the decoration of our sales window. To choose it, we must take into account the corporate image and bet on designs that match our brand while giving prominence to offers and prices.

An option used by many stores and that is taking ground to traditional signage are vinyl. It is a more aesthetic and striking choice, although only one use. Both options can fit in our gift shop and become the ideal claim to attract customers to our business.

Think about the location of the products

The customer's angle of view is the factor that must determine the situation of the product in our shop window, both in sales and the rest of the year. Thus, the space that is between 1.50 and 1.70 meters is the area that receives the most attention and where the most important products for us should be located. 

Also, the central area of ​​the showcase is the one that receives the most attention, being this point the most observed of our store from the street. Therefore, according to the importance, we should place our products in order in the following areas:

Bet on the trendy colors of 2020

Do you want to capture the attention of your customers with just a glance? Betting on disruptive colors is the perfect option to impact passersby, as long as they harmonize as a whole with the rest of the shop window.

In 2020 the reddish tones will be imposed thanks to the Flame Scarlet 18-1662 has been chosen as color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute. This color invites us to create warm atmospheres where animated characters can be protagonists.

Examples of showcases on sale


Cerdá, as a distributor of children's licenses, has a wide catalog of products where the favorite animated characters of the little ones are the protagonists. Make your showcase shine these sales with our tips and products! Do not hesitate and discover all our licensed products in our website. 

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Point of Sale Tips and Advice


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