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Spiderman clothing, fill your shop with the latest releases

14 December 2021 / per Cerdá Group

As you know by now, Cerdá is not only your distributor of products for children and adults inspired by the world of cartoons, comics, and video games. Cerdá is a real open eye on the world and on the market: through our content, we have always tried to help you understand new trends, anticipate them, and then give you the tools you need to be ready to make the most of the opportunities you have. Put forward. This article was born with this very purpose: what should we expect in the near future in terms of trends in the world of merchandising?


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Spiderman returns!

New trends in the world of merchandising are often dictated by the release of new films or cartoons at the cinema. There are other factors as well, but this one in particular plays an important role, especially in the short term.

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If you take a look at the films that are going to be released at the cinema, you will realize that one of them is the new Spiderman film. But this is not just any movie about a Marvel superhero! This movie, ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’, was one of the most anticipated in the history of superhero movies. The feature film comes, in fact, after years of waiting due to the halt that the film industry has suffered due to the Covid emergency.

The release of Spiderman No Way Home at the cinema is highly anticipated by everyone ... young and old.


Everyone loves Spiderman

Superheroes are characters who, in general, are loved by both adults and children, but again, this film in particular, involves adults more than many others. We have already mentioned one of the factors; the expectation and expectations that have arisen around the release of this film.

But there are also other reasons why adults are returning to be fans of this superhero who, historically, is the favorite of the little ones.


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Marvel movies and the Avengers saga that has been going on for more than a decade have in fact thrilled adults with the world of superheroes like never before. In this film, Spider Man will be joined by another much-loved superhero, Dr. Strange ... that's why the release of this film will be one of those occasions when children will accompany adults to the cinema!

This by no means means that Spider-Man is ignored by the little ones! On the contrary, as we have already mentioned, he is one of the most loved. Without his mask, Peter Parker is in fact a boy, who attends high school and who shares their problems, their dreams and their expectations with young fans. Children and younger children identify with him, and dream of being him.



Spiderman wholesale: what are the opportunities for your business?

New trends are always an opportunity for your business. In this case, with the Spider Man No Way Home movie out on December 17th you can take advantage of more than one factor.

1. The popularity of Marvel superheroes

The popularity of Marvel superheroes never completely wanes. With the Multiverse saga in the cinema and the long tradition of comics, superheroes like Spider-Man are known to everyone, even those who have never seen a movie or read a comic.

2. New lymph 

Obviously, a movie coming to theaters throws the spotlight on the main character of the film, in this case Spider-Man.

But how should you take advantage of this late December trend? In light of what we have just illustrated, you can take advantage of the trend in two ways: on the one hand, offer your customers Spiderman products; on the other hand, you should also focus - albeit with a smaller investment - on the other Marvel superheroes, because the attention of the public will also return to them.

Cerdá is the perfect distributor for both purposes. The collaboration with Marvel has been going on for many years, so Cerdá can take advantage of the original drawings of all the characters. Furthermore, all Cerdá products are provided with an original license which, in addition to originality, is a guarantee of quality.


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Exploit the Spiderman trend with Cerdá

Spiderman clothing

Spiderman clothing is one of the sectors in which Cerdá knows how to make a difference. Cerdá's experience is unbeatable: Cerdá has been focusing on clothing for years; and although it has expanded its range over time, clothing still remains one of the cornerstones of the Cerdá offer.

As for Spiderman clothing, the Cerdá collection is very versatile: it includes daywear for all seasons, nightwear - in particular, pyjamas are among the best-selling products in this sector - and accessories.

The Spiderman clothing sector is mainly aimed at children both in terms of day and night clothing. There are some exceptions with some accessories or sweatshirts even made in adult size - although, as we will see, adults who are fans of this superhero tend to buy different types of products.


Spiderman footwear

Cerdá also offers you a Spiderman footwear catalog. Also in this case, the products in this collection are more oriented towards the world of children, with sports and canvas shoes designed and made in sizes suitable for children.


The products for adults within the footwear collection are more limited to the sector of flip flops, slippers, slippers and "home" footwear in general. Here you will find many articles also dedicated to adults and their favorite superheroes, including Spiderman.


Spiderman bags and backpacks

The Cerdá bags and backpacks collections are those most open to the most diverse generations. On the Spiderman theme, the collection offers:

  • Very small backpacks for children who go to kindergarten
  • School backpacks, larger in size
  • Kidult bags and backpacks, suitable for adults, their sizes and their needs.


Spiderman accessories

Cerdá doesn't leave out accessories either. From socks to key rings, the accessories collection is ideal for enriching your counter or a small corner of your shop.


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Avengers clothing and accessories

Spiderman is one of the Avengers! We know that the fascination of superheroes is tripled when they are part of a team like that of the Avengers ... that's why you should also take advantage of this other interpretation: Spider-Man as a member of the Avengers superhero team!

Cerdá, in accordance with the market analysis he has conducted, also produces clothing and accessories for the Avengers, in which Spiderman appears together with his companions.


In general, we can say that, while Spiderman clothing and other products dedicated to the single Spider-Man superhero are mainly dedicated to the world of children, those that see Spiderman inserted in the context of the Avengers are also more suitable for adults and especially for fans of the kidult fashion.


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Physical or online store?

If you don't have a physical store and are wondering if Spiderman will be one of the online store trends, the answer is absolutely yes. Nowadays, more and more people are shopping online, even when it comes to products for children.

The generation of Millennials, then, the one that best identifies with the target to which Kidult fashion and the world of superheroes refer most, is the one that most of all buys online. It follows that yes, Spiderman is preparing to be one of the superhero protagonists of the next season.


Spiderman clothing to grow your business

With Cerdá, you don't need to be always on the lookout to read new market trends and act in advance. Cerdá thinks about all this for you and makes you participate in his analyzes, readings and surveys thanks to contents like this. Cerdá's strength is precisely that of combining knowledge and tools to make them happen: it not only puts you at the competitor of new trends, but also the products you need to make your business a success.

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