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Are you looking for a trusted licensed product wholesaler? Choose Cerdá!

21 March 2021 / per Cerdá Group

We know the importance of having an efficient supply chain so that our products reach customers' hands at the lowest price and time possible.

We not only care about the functional part of our company, but we also seek a strong relationship with each of our clients so that they are successful in their sales, because if they do well, so do we.

Have we not convinced you? Next, we will talk a little about the factors you should know about a licensed product wholesaler, and why we are the right ones to supply your store.


What should I keep in mind when choosing a wholesaler of licensed products?


Distributors are the heart and source of income for a wholesaler or retailer, depending on the chain supply. It is essential to choose well which company will keep your store or organization stocked. So, if you still do not have some ideas of what you should have in mind, here are some fundamental things:

    • Check the validity of your license to produce or distribute the products.
    • The number of licenses, designs they offer, and at what ages they are made.
    • What are your organizational values ​​and priorities with customers (retailers or retailers)
    • What are the references of their old clients and investigate how they did with their orders.
    • Find the financial status of the distributor concerning customers and banks.
    • Make sure that customer service is the best in case of any inconvenience.
    • Verify that they have the Stock or production capacity to supply your business.


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What should a good distributor of licensed products have?


Thousands of distributors want to have customers no matter what they have to do, from lying about their products to giving deceptive promotions. At Cerdá, we comply with everything necessary to qualify as excellent distributors. Additionally, we are a company with a holistic vision and care about each member of our production and distribution chain's satisfaction.

In case you are still not convinced, you should make sure that the distributor of licensed products has:

  • Sales plan or marketing strategies that may be useful to your customers.

  • Market analysis in terms of licenses, demand, or supply.
  • Willingness to clarify all doubts, not fall into contradictions and express oneself directly
  • Good production/logistics facilities and that comply with all the regulations of the country.
  • Promotions, financial and economic plans for clients who do not have significant purchasing power but want to start in the world of retail/wholesale
  • Have good references from their past clients and tax agencies.
  • Concern for the well-being of companies or stores that have acquired part of their stock and that offer technical support.


Cerdá: your trusted distributor of licensed products. Why choose us?


We have been working with licensed products during 33 years. We think of our clients, and we always ask for feedback about our performance as a company to ensure that we are doing an adequate job. We are not only your supplier, we also advise you on what is best for your business, always thinking of you and that your business achieves better benefits.

We are committed to manufacturing high-quality, versatile and multifunctional products. Our work is based on studies and reports on licenses, children's tastes and trends. In this way all our work is developed from proven data, and future forecasts. 

Cerdá Group is an experienced company that can help you improve the profitability of your business thanks to licensed products. We not only sell you products, we accompany you and help your business grow. Trust Cerdá and make your business grow!


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Large distribution Products and Novelties Point of Sale Online sales Licensing


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