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Disney products: making your business successful with licensed products

8 December 2021 / per Cerdá Group

In the world of merchandise, Disney is a point of reference for sellers, suppliers, manufacturers and customers. This is because Disney is home to a wide range of characters, and some of them are so iconic that anybody, whatever age, whatever hometown, knows what they are. Disney products are no risk: you know your customers are going to love them, recognize them, and buy them!

At Cerdá, as a Disney wholesale distributor, we know that the importance of Disney products from your store goes beyond that. Let’s try to understand why they can be such a great opportunity to increase your sales.

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1. Disney characters are known everywhere

As we’ve mentioned so far, one of the reasons why Disney products are such a must is because they are known in all parts of the world. But they are also… many! Disney is home to such a wide range of characters… Some of them are dedicated to children, some of them are also dedicated to adults and some of them were created for children but adults still love them!

Having a licensed Disney wholesale distributor means that you can have so many different products in your stock and, with one supplier, you can provide products to a wide range of customers.

Since they are known all over the world, also, Disney products open new possibilities for your store: if you have an online store, you can aim to a worldwide audience, as far as your shipping option can go. If you have a physical store, your audience won’t be limited to your neighbors: anyone who is in town, for the most various reasons, can become a customer.



2. Disney is intergenerational

A lot of characters from Disney are so iconic that they have overcome generations. Mickey Mouse is the perfect example of how Disney characters are loved by children and adults alike. This allows you to open the doors of your store to a wide range of customers and widen up your audience.


3. Disney is always trending

Mickey Mouse is 100 years old and still is the most famous mouse and cartoon in the world! Disney characters, and especially some of them, are never forgotten: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Frozen and the characters from Star Wars are loved by both children and adults. They were loved a season ago, and they will be loved next season.

This simple fact has an important advantage that Disney products don’t create surplus stock and avoid waste. If you don’t sell your entire collection of Disney products this season, you are certain that they will be trending next year so that you can put them back on your shelves (physical or virtual) to avoid waste and to optimize your resources.


4. Disney doesn't need advertising

When you sell Disney products you don’t need to advertise them, you don’t need to make people know what they are about. When there is a new character, you don’t need to find ways of introducing it to the audience: Disney itself takes care of all these aspects with their cartoons and their advertising.


The importance of Disney licensed products

Now that we know how Disney products can help increase your sales, it’s time to discuss the importance of licensed products. As you may know, Cerdà is a world-leading licensed products wholesaler and their original licenses are a point of pride. Why is that so important?

  1. With an original license, a products' manufacturer or distributor can utilize Disney’s original draws and designs. This is a guarantee that the characters on Cerdá’s products are always recognizable, and always loyal to their original shapes and colors.
  2. An original license is also a quality guarantee. A license is given when a company demonstrates that they are able to provide quality products in terms of design, material, and durability. When you have a Disney license on a product you know that every detail is taken care of.
  3. With an original license, you can exploit the characters, their names, and their words.

To get deep into the importance of original licenses, take a look at The benefits of original licenses for your business.



Is Cerdá your Disney products wholesaler?

Cerdá can bring all the advantages of Disney products to you. Cerdá’s collaboration with Disney has been going on for 30 years; we can provide an original license on every single product, and we are one of the most experienced wholesalers in this sector.

Every year, Cerdá renovates the Disney catalog to provide new designs every season. Let’s take a look at the newest Disney Products catalog by Cerdá.


Disney products catalog by Cerdá

Cerdá’s Disney products catalog is rich in items, models and characters. Let’s start with the latter.


The characters

In Disney's team, we have older and newer characters. Among the classics, we find Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Frozen and even Star Wars can be considered classics. These are characters that are known worldwide, and that are loved by both adults and children.

Then, we have the characters for children: they are all the main characters from the cartoons, like Dumbo and others… Instead, the world of the Disney characters for adults is populated by the Disney logo or the Disney villains.


Disney Pride Collection

Cerdá’s Disney catalog also includes the Disney Pride collection. It’s the collection with which Disney and Cerdá wanted to support the LGBT+ community and their fight for equal rights. The collection is made from products where the Disney characters, mainly Mickey Mouse, are portrayed with the colors of the rainbow flag.


Disney products

Cerdá provides Disney products in many categories:

  • Clothing: the clothing collection is wide and rich. It includes day clothing, nightwear and accessories.
  • Shoes: there are tons of models in the Cerdá Disney collection. They are suitable for every season and all the kids’ favorite activities. There are also flip-flops and house shoes included in this collection and they are also available for adults.
  • Accessories: Cerdá’s collections are always also rich in accessories. They can be very versatile and they can be excellent gift ideas.
  • Bags and backpacks: Disney bags and backpacks are provided for every generation. Children will have their small backpacks for kindergarten, teens are provided with backpacks for school. There are also many bags and backpacks for adults’ work, school and free time.
  • Pet clothing and accessories: Cerdá distributes Disney products for pets and they are raincoats and coats, toys, beds, and anything your customers’ pets will ever need.



Superheroes are now Disney characters!

Last but not least, with Disney acquiring Marvel, Marvel superheroes can now be considered Disney characters as well. It means that with the same license Cerdá is able to provide an even wider range of products and designs with the same level of quality.

Marvel superheroes are basically the most known superheroes ever: Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Spiderman and more.


Star Wars is a Disney classic

Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars a few years ago when they began production of the new films that have brought new popularity to the world of the Galaxy. One of the latest Star Wars products, The Mandalorian, is already part of the Cerdá collection in many categories.

The Disney license allows Cerdá to create clothing and accessories dedicated to the world of Star Wars and all its characters.

In Cerdá's geek collection you can find products dedicated to all these characters, to the setting, and more... Offer your customers Star Wars and The Mandalorian licensed products thanks to Cerdá!


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Cerdá is not only your Disney products wholesaler

Providing Disney products in your store for your customer is a clever move! It’s important however that you rely on an experienced Disney wholesale distributor, that can provide an original license for all the items, that can read the market and understand what are the main characters and what are the temporary trends and that can renovate the designs every season.

Cerdá is the Disney wholesaler that meets all these requirements. Disney characters are older than some of us; it’s important that your wholesaler understand how they can be made modern. With the Disney Pride collection, for example, Cerdá has shown how the older character of all, Mickey Mouse, can be still suitable to represent an important aspect of our present-day society.

With Cerdá, you're also always updated about the news and new trends of the market. Cerdá is not only your Disney product wholesaler, it’s an all-round point of reference.

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Disney products Products and Novelties


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