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increase your sales with harry potter products

23 November 2021 / per Cerdá Group

The first Harry Potter book was published more than 20 years ago. It was a huge phenomenon: in a time when children weren’t used to reading as a hobby, those books became when children all around the world were waiting every year. If you want to take a look at our harry potter products, visit our wholesaler harry potter page at our webshop.

The 8 films only increased Harry Potter’s and the Wizarding World’s popularity. Harry Potter became one of those characters that everybody no matter their age, no matter where they live, knows.

And what about today? 20 years after the phenomenon that changed the book industry?

Today, Harry Potter just confirmed its popularity. It has become an intergenerational character: those who were kids when the first books were published can’t wait for their children to be old enough to read them themselves! And in the meantime, they buy clothes, accessories, school supplies with the characters and symbols of the world of Harry Potter.

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How is it important for your store?


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Wholesale Harry Potter products: the advantages for your store

1. Harry Potter is known all over the world

Harry Potter is known all over the world so its products can be targeted to a huge audience:

  • If you are running an online store, the Harry Potter Products are targeted to clientes located in any area you can reach with your expeditions.
  • If you're running a physical store, you can attract a wider clientele: locals, tourists, and people who are just passing through in town.



2. Harry Potter is intergenerational

Harry Potter has become one of the great classics when it comes to children's characters. Like every classic, everyone knows and loves him… children and adults alike! This is important for your sales because your target audience becomes wider when it comes to both adults' and children’s products.


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3. The Kidult trend

The Kidult fashion is a growing trend all over the world: adults are starting wearing clothes and using accessories decorated with their favorite characters from films and cartoons, even if they are considered childish.

In the Kidult fashion, Harry Potter is one of the most popular characters. Adults are very affectionate to it because most of them grew up with his books and films.



4. Harry Potter is the ideal character for matching clothes

Matching clothes for the family are a growing trend. This is why we’re mentioning it here. Cerdá has realized an entire collection of matching clothes for the family!

Of course, the characters in that collection must be those who are known and loved by at least two generations: and Harry Potter is one of them!


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5. It doesn't go out of stock

This is something that applies to all characters who, like Harry Potter, can be considered classics. Classics don’t go out of trend. Just like people will keep wearing Harry Potter clothes the next season, you can propose Harry Potter products of the old seasons when the new one comes.

This is how you can optimize your resource in the best way, avoid wastes, and increase your profits by reducing the unsold.


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Cerdá: your Harry Potter wholesaler

Now that you’ve learned why Harry Potter products are so important for your store, it’s also time to discuss the importance of choosing a reliable and quality wholesaler like Cerdá.

When you choose a wholesaler for your store, you need to consider their experience, reliability, and, in the case of products for children with the design of the most popular characters, they also need to be able to provide original licenses for their products.

Cerdá is your Harry Potter wholesaler because it meets all the requirements we’ve mentioned, and more.


Cerdá isn’t only an experienced company in the field: it has been active for more than 30 years and it has become today the leading wholesaler for stores that deal with merchandise of the most famous children’s characters.


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The importance of the original license

One of the main reasons why Cerdá has been so successful during the years, it’s because the company has always and only manufactured and distributed products with the original license.

Cerdá’s work starts from its collaborations. During the years, the company has been able to obtain deals with all the major children’s character productions companies, including Harry Potter’s. Therefore, all Cerdá’s products come with an original license.


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The original license is a warranty for the product's quality and for the originality of the design. Quality always needs to be your top priority. Quality is what makes your store become successful, your clients affectionate, and what will keep your business alive over the years.


Cerdá's Harry Potter Products

The Harry Potter products are present in every Cerdá’s collection. So that you can offer to your clients:

  • Harry Potter clothing: winter and summer and day and night wear are included in the Cerdá’s collections.
  • Harry Potter shoes: Cerdá realizes shows and flip-flops dedicated to Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and the Houses, for both children and adults.
  • Harry Potter accessories: the Harry Potter accessories can be located in every store, even a book or comic shop. They are important because they can increase your sales by optimizing small resources.
  • Harry Potter bags: the Harry Potter bags are both bags and backpacks for both children and adults.
  • Harry Potter school supplies: with the Harry Potter school supplies, children can pretend they are going to Hogwarts!



Wholesale Harry Potter products with the original license

Cerdá is your Harry Potter wholesaler. It only provides Harry Potter products with original licenses so that you can provide your customers with only guaranteed quality, originality, and durability.

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