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6 tips for decorating autumn window displays

21 September 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Shop windows, including ecommerce’s virtual ones, change with the seasons and with the supply of your shop. Whatever the nature of your shop, the products on sale are not the same during the summer and during the winter: while the goods on your shelves change, so does your window display and the whole atmosphere of your store.

This is a cyclical aspect of shop management, so it can happen that, after a while, you run out of ideas. If you find yourself in this situation, or if you are simply looking for the most original idea to stand out from the competition, you are in the right place: in this article, we’re analyzing some of the most creative ideas for setting up your showcase. You are free to make them yours or be inspired by them!


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How to set up your autumn window display

If you are looking for an original idea to set up your shop window in autumn, ask yourself what happens during this season, and go into the details as much as possible. Also, try to evoke atmospheres that are in line with the products on sale in your store. If you have a stationery shop, for example, you’ll need to focus on kids going back to school; a comic shop, on the other hand, can recreate an autumnal atmosphere of relaxation when reading a comic while it is raining outside.


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Another simple tip is to evoke the autumn atmosphere simply through an intelligent use of colors: orange, brown, red, brick pink.

Finally, use your products at their best in your showcase: in this way, in addition to communicating a message, you will also be showing the goods you have to offer in a fun way. With Cerdá products, this is even easier: they are versatile and colorful, and - thanks to the original licenses - they are also highly recognizable.


6 ideas for your autumn shop windows

1. Umbrellas

Create a fun autumn mood by using umbrellas. With Cerdá umbrellas, you can create an autumn showcase that’s still fun and colorful as if it were a summer one. In addition to umbrellas, you can indulge even more with all the Cerdá rain accessories, from ponchos to rubber boots.



2. Leaves

Using leaves to create the right autumn atmosphere is a classic, but with Cerdá products you can renew this slightly worn idea.

For example, using the Harry Potter products you can recreate the courtyard of Hogwarts, or cut out leaves with the strangest shapes, to set your shop window on a planet belonging to a Far Away Galaxy and promote Star Wars products in this way!


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3. Back to school

The back to school theme is another great classic, but since this period is a great opportunity for all sellers of stationery, bags and backpacks, books and comics, you can't help but take advantage of it. To stand out from the crowd, however, you can revisit the theme in this way: using Cerdá's Harry Potter products, you can recreate the return to Hogwarts on September 1st, instead of the simple and much more boring back to school. Instead of the school bus, you can create the outline of the Hogwarts Express and so on …


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4. Wood

The theme of the forest or wood is a theme that goes well with autumn but it isn’t used very often, which is why it can be an original idea to diversify your shop window from all the competition, and also from the windows of your neighbors, even if they are not direct competitors for your business.

You can be inspired by the classic forest theme, but by taking inspiration from Cerdá products you can also go further: create a fantastic forest or one set on another planet where you can place all children’s favorite characters. If you have the possibilities in terms of space, you could even create a real path leading to your shop, just like the ones that fairytale characters go through on their adventures.


We can consider flip-flops as belonging to the category of accessories because you can exploit them in your store just like you’d do for accessories, even if your store isn’t specialized in shoes. We should also highlight the fact that Minnie flip-flops are available for both children and adults.


5. Lanterns and autumn festivals

Instead of creating a real scenography, you can use elements that are still able to communicate an autumnal atmosphere: soft lights, lanterns, leaves ...

Another trick is to be inspired by the autumn holidays, and in this case the most important is certainly Halloween. Avoid starting to display carved pumpkins when it is still September, but still be inspired by the colors of orange, and by the dark but still warm colors that we always associate with this holiday.


6. Hibernation

In autumn, animals hibernate: children's cartoons always represent this period by portraying animals getting comfortable, with a full belly, cuddling and sleeping while it's raining outside.

Why not use the same images to create an autumn showcase? You can take advantage of all the less anthropomorphic Cerdá characters, such as Stitch, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and all the other Disney and non-Disney characters that belong to the animal kingdom.


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Bonus tip: tell a story in your window display

The most important advice that Cerdá can give you when it comes to setting up your shop window - as well as the interior of your shop - is to try to tell a story. It's simpler than it sounds: when you recreate the return to Hogwarts in your window, you're telling a story. When you immerse your products in an enchanted forest you are telling a story.


With Cerdá ideas, this year it will be very easy to set up your autumn window and make it different from all the competition.


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