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Family Collection: the "mini-me" trend

6 July 2022 / per Cerdá Group

The "mini-me" trend comes to your point of sale

The trend for all members of the same family to dress alike is becoming increasingly popular. This trend is known as Mini-me, and is the latest trend in fashion and style.

This fashion consists of dressing children like adults, a practice that is not only fun for everyone, but also makes children feel special and strengthens the family bond.


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Do you want to know first-hand what the "mini-me" trend is and what it consists of? Our colleague Sandra Ruiz, Store and Talent Manager at SuperMoments explains it to you in this video.


Family Collection

To make the Family Collection stand out on your shelf, keep these three aspects in mind:

  • It is a collection for the whole family, so it is important that all members of the family feel identified with the products you have on the shelves.
  • Use graphic resources to help the customer identify and locate all the products in the family collection.
  • Create a visual balance between product on display and space at the point of sale to create a pleasant shopping experience for your customer.

How do we implement the Family collection in SuperMoments?

From SuperMoments we share with you these examples of implementations so that you can incorporate products for the whole family in your shop without complications.

The products designed and intended for the whole family to enjoy are arranged in the module in a neat and tidy way so that they are in full view. In addition, other designs from the family collection are displayed at the top, allowing the customer to see other options even if they are not on display.


family_01       family_02


Discover SuperMoments Retail Lab

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