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Wholesale beauty products that cannot be missing in your store

8 February 2022 / per Cerdá Group

The Cerdá Beauty Line is expanding the Cerdá offer even more. Clients are used to Cerdá’s clothing, shoes, and school supplies but the truth is that Cerdá is also a provider of wholesale beauty products: there’re are accessories, hair and beauty tools for children, teens and adults and they are all created in the full Cerdá style. In this article we are going to discover all the details of the new Cerdá Beauty Line 2022.


How wholesale beauty products can benefit your business

In this section, we are going to explore how you can exploit wholesale beauty products to increase your sales.

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Cerdá’s Beauty Line isn’t only thought for beauty stores: beauty products can find their place in any kind of store. Here’s how and why:

1. Small exhibitors

Accessories and products included in the beauty are available with a small exhibitor. Small exhibitors can be placed - most likely - anywhere in your store if we’re speaking about a physical shop. This is why you can exploit every inch of the space at your disposal: the corner of your counter, a shelf near the entrance and so on.

2. Cheap prices

The wholesale beauty products will most likely be the cheapest items in your store. They are usually an additional final purchase that customers make and it allows you to make a slightly higher profit on each sale you make in your shop.

3. Everybody needs them

Everybody needs sunglasses, hair accessories, and beauty sets: selling this kind of item is no high risk.

4. Gift ideas

When the beauty accessories are decorated with the most popular children characters, they become exceptional gift ideas. This can increase your sales even further.


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Are wholesale beauty products licensed?

As you may already know, Cerdá only designs, manufactures and distributes licensed products. What does it mean?

Thanks to its collaboration with all the main production companies in the world (DIsney, Marvel, Harry Potter and more) Cerdá has an official authorization to use Disney, Marvel, and others’ original designs for their products, and this includes the items in the beauty line.

An original license isn't only a guarantee of originality: it’s also a synonym for quality. It’s because companies of the caliber of Disney and Marvel only sign collaboration with manufacturers that can guarantee certain standard levels. These quality levels establish that materials, manufacturing processes, and even the tiniest detail is durable, perfect, and functional.

As a consequence, Cerdá wholesale beauty products aren’t only pretty, they are also functional, strong, and durable.


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Cerdá Beauty Line

It’s now time to take a look at the new Cerdá Beauty Line.

Who is it designed for?

The beauty line by Cerdá is mainly aimed at kids. However, as you certainly already know, Cerdá has only opened to the adult audience segment: for this reason, the line also includes products for grown ups that are customized not only in the shapes and dimensions but also in the style.



Cerdà Beauty Line for Kids

The beauty line for kids includes hair accessories, hair brushes, jewelry and beauty sets.

Hair accessories

The hair accessories section includes anything kids need to comb and embellish their hair: scrunchies, hair bands, bandanas, wrist bands, and hair clips.

They are all designed taking into account what are the youngests’ tastes in terms of characters, cartoons, and comics.

First of all, we find Minnie and Mickey and some other Disney characters like Stitch, Elsa and Anna from Frozen and the little 101 Dalmatas. We also find Harry Potter and Disney Princess designs but, since this is strictly aimed at kids, in this section we find designs that are specifically aimed at them.

Peppa Pig is for example a character of a cartoon that is aimed at 3 to 6 years old and the pink and bidimensional pig decorates many of the accessories in this section.


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Hair brushes

Just like hair accessories, anyone with long hair needs hair brushes and this is one reason why this kind of item can help you increase your sales.

Cerdá provided hair brushes in two different shapes. Their dimensions are customized to suit kids’ hands and their mobility.


The Beauty line from Cerdá also includes a collection of fancy jewelry. They are bracelets, necklaces, and more all inspired by the most elegant Disney characters, like Minnie and the princesses from Frozen.


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Beauty Sets

Sets are often seen in the Cerdá’s collections because of their marketability. They are great gift ideas, and they are also functional: for this reason they can become one of the most best-selling items in your store.

Beauty sets include different items, from scrunchies, to hari brushes, to hair accessories all dedicated to the same character. The container is also decorated with the same designs, and it’s - of course - more than a simple container: it can be a beauty case or a bag.



Cerdá Beauty Line for Adults

Is there any need for a Beauty Line for adults? Cerdá has demonstrated there is. In the last years Cerdá has highlighted a growing trending market that turned out to be very profitable: it’s the kidult fashion and the items associated with it. Young adults are showing an interest for characters that appassionated them when they were kids and they are more open to nowadays children trends: they show off their passion for Harry Potter and Star Wars in what they wear and the accessories they use like never before.


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However, they can make any use of children's beauty products: adults need a beauty line customized for them.

Cerdá’s beauty line for adults includes hair accessories, hari brushes, and beauty sets.

Hair Accessories

Here customers will find scrunchies, hair bands, and bandanas with characteristics of dimension and shape that are suitable for grown ups users. Of course, we don’t find the same characters as in the children section. Why? Because children and adults show different interests: grown ups are more attached to Harry Potter, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Friends, and Star Wars.

Hair Brushes

Adults’ hair brushes are bigger than children’s but they share the same shapes, sturdiness and quality.

Again, the designs are different: different characters and different colors but the same fun!

Beauty sets

Beauty sets are an important item for increasing your sales in the adults’ segment just like it happens in the children’s one. All grown ups own a beauty case: Cerdá’s beauty cases are decorated with adults’ favorite characters (from Star Wars, Disney and Marvel) and they include some accessories that are also designed according to the same character.


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Cerdá’s Beauty Line: the characters

Characters for children

The choice of the designs for the children section has been based on a market research that showed what are the most trending ones for this market segment.


For this reason, the beauty products for children are dedicated to:

  • Minnie Mouse: since girls are most likely to use hair accessories, Minnie Mouse is more present than Mickey;
  • Disney Princesses: Disney Princess - from Snowwhite to Aurora - have never been forgotten and they perfect to create designs for beauty accessories;
  • Frozen: Elsa and Anna are modern Disney Princess and the Frozen phenomenon doesn’t stop to be trending;
  • Peppa Pig: this is a character loved by the youngest. Those accessories that are also suitable for very small children also come with the Peppa Pig design.
  • Harry Potter: Who buys products for children? Adults. Their taste needs to be taken into account and that’s why we have Harry Potter present in this collection.


Characters for adults

The most trending characters in the adult market segment are those that were trending when they were children: they are Harry Potter, Star Wars (the original movies came out in the ‘80s) and Marvel’s superheroes. Long before the first Marvel film came out (it was the first Iron Man) the heroes from the Avengers could already count on millions of fans all around the world thanks to the very popular comics.

The new Beauty Line from Cerdá is available. In this article, we’ve shown why they can’t be missing in your store. Make sure you dedicate accessories with the right attention as they can help increase your sales with a small investment. They can be considered part of your strategy to optimize resources.

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