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7 original ideas for winter window displays

21 November 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Setting up your shop window is part of your shop management job. Of all the activities that your work requires, window dressing is perhaps the most creative. Sometimes, however, it is also the one for which you run out of ideas more easily, especially when you repeat it over the course of many years of activity.

Cerdá is close to the shops that it supplies with children products in many ways. In addition to providing products and related catalogs, it provides market analysis, technical information and - in this case - also the inspiration you were waiting for to set up your winter showcase so that it is different and original, and can stand out from the crowd of competitors. 

Let's find out 7 original ideas for setting up winter shop windows.


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Idea #1: Frozen

Frozen was one of the most successful Disney animated films of recent years. Set in a world made of ice (it's simply Northern Europe!), it's perfect for bringing your winter showcase to life.

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The first original idea for setting up your winter window is to create it in a Frozen theme. Just use wadding and blue and white lights to create a snowy setting. Details that can make the difference are igloos, pieces of ice, sticks of ice hanging from tree branches, and more... On this background, you can place the silhouettes or puppets of the Frozen characters. The final touch can be added by a snowman made in the likeness of Olaf, one of the cutest characters in the cartoon!

In addition to character designs, the Frozen window is the perfect opportunity to display Frozen products, which will be one of the highlights of your winter product offering. Take a look at the products available for display and stock in the Cerdá winter catalog.


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Idea #2: The city theme

Winter themes very often portray expanses of ice and fir trees. For this reason, to differentiate yourself, you can bring the winter of your shop window back to the city! Creating a city-themed winter window display is very easy: you just need a white card on which to draw and cut out a skyline. If the skyline is of a famous city and you manage to make it recognizable, you can also accompany the city theme with that of a children character who connects to the city. For example, you can take Harry Potter to London, or Iron Man to Malibu!


Idea #3: Hogwarts

The Harry Potter films and books have also partly told us about the magic of Christmas at Hogwarts. An original idea for your showcase is to recreate this setting, and then fill it with Cerdá's Harry Potter characters and products.


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To create a Christmas Hogwarts, you can cut out its recognizable skyline from a big piece of paper. For an indoor setting, use candles and Christmas trees to recreate the Hogwarts’ Great Hall! This is an idea suitable for winter, but also more specifically for the Christmas period. For other ideas on Christmas-themed window dressing, take a look at our in-depth Ideas for setting up your shop window at Christmas.



Idea #4: Use colors and lights

A shop window doesn't have to be themed. To evoke winter, you can just use a range of cold colors. What makes the difference, in this case, will be the elements you use to create the winter atmosphere.

The most original idea, and one that best evokes winter coldness, is to use colored lights, instead of the usual cardboard, wadding, and fake snow-covered trees.

Use white and blue lights, which create a cold atmosphere, and finish the setting with products that can protect you from the cold. If your store focuses on these types of products, this is one of the ideal ideas.


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Idea #5: Create an interior setting

Most winter shop windows use cold elements and colors: fake snow, snowy trees, white and blue. To go against the trend, you can opt for an internal setting instead of an outdoor one. In winter, the interiors are in stark contrast to all the cold outside: soft armchairs, fluffy blankets, an open fireplace, steaming mugs, and open books ...

If your shop is located in a street where it is particularly difficult to get noticed due to the numerous windows present, or in a shopping center, this is one of the ideas with which you will be able to distinguish yourself better.


Idea #6: Sport

Use winter sports to create a nice showcase. This idea is particularly suitable for stores that focus on casual or sporty children's accessories and clothing.


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Choose the most recognizable winter sports: one above all, skis. With this idea you can take advantage of all the children's characters in vogue for the winter season. Create silhouettes of Minnie and Mickey Mouse going on skis, and a few other characters who greet them from the edge of the ski slope!

Other winter sports that you can exploit are snowboard, hockey, or you can let your characters go on a walk in a snow!


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Idea #7: The North Pole

If you have opted for an outdoor setting, choosing the North Pole can help you make your shop window more recognizable and friendly. Use penguin silhouettes, create igloos, dress up your children's characters as Eskimos.

This way, your showcase will be highly recognizable in its winter setting but different from all the competition.



Bonus Idea for your winter window display: The wood theme

If you’d like to distinguish completely from the competition, you can pick an idea that certainly isn’t common and set your winter shop window into the woods!

You want to make sure it’s a winter wood! So, use firs, blueberries, and berries of other kinds. And, if you want to dare even more, you can create a fairytale wood. In the fairytale wood, anything is possible! You can encounter, for example, the most famous characters for children and they could also bring the products, like accessories, pieces of clothes, and more, that honour them!

They could also bring matching outfits for the whole family!


Success with winter window display ideas

Cerdá provides you with the support you need to take care of your shop in every respect. Alongside creativity tips, we also provide you with more technical knowledge.

With Cerdá you can increase your sales by making your shop more attractive, your processes more effective, and providing your stores with products that come with the original license to guarantee quality.

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