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Mickey mouse wholesale: products and accessories to increase your profits

16 January 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Cerdá always designs its catalogs on the basis of their market research. Market research is important to understand what your clients want at a particular moment of the year. No matter the year, the season, or the age range, Mickey Mouse and Minnie are always wanted. As a Mikey Mouse wholesaler, Cerdá is keeping counting on these two popular mice to provide you with fashionable items so that you can grow your business.


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Why is Mickey Mouse so important for your store?

Whether you’re running a physical or online store, you can always count on Mickey Mouse. Everybody knows him, it’s fashionable, and it’s attractive for every generation.


1. Mickey Mouse is always fashionable

Mickey Mouse is always fashionable thanks to its past: Mickey Mouse in the children's clothing industry has been a winning horse for decades! However, it also has a deeper and more important advantage and it’s related to your customers’ satisfaction.

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A Mickey Mouse item of clothing purchased today will be in trend again next year. It is true that children grow up fast, and that they rarely wear the same clothes for more than a season, but it is also true that younger siblings wear the clothes of older ones: a parent who buys Mickey Mouse clothing for one of their children knows that they’ll be able to use it for at least a couple of seasons.

An adult who buys any Mickey Mouse item of clothing or accessory knows that that object will remain in fashion next year and will continue to use it, showing it off as if it had just been purchased!


2. Your stock doesn't become obsolete

Let's keep on reflecting on the fact that Mickey Mouse never goes out of style. If your customers, once they have bought an item of clothing, will continue to wear it in the seasons to come, this means that you too, in your shop, can re-propose the products of the previous season.

For your store, it translates into resource optimization that is very important to your bottom line. Products that go unsold are a loss for your store and your finances, but with Mickey Mouse clothing you reduce waste as much as possible, free up the warehouse, and have no unsold outlays weighing on your budget.


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3. Mickey Mouse is known all around the world

Mickey is known and recognized by children and adults ... in all parts of the world. This is a plus for your store, whether it is an online or a physical store.

If you operate online, with Mickey Mouse clothing you expand your catchment area as far as your shipments can reach. What if you have a physical store? Also in this case your target audience expands, because with Mickey's products your customers will also be passing people and tourists!

This way, your target audience stays well defined but can include more people. It is always a very successful marketing choice!


4. Mickey Mouse is intergenerational

Mickey Mouse is such an iconic character that there is no one who does not know him: young and old, everyone is familiar with the white-gloved Mickey Mouse and all the characters that surround him in his world of comics and cartoons.

What does this mean for your shop? That Mickey Mouse products can be sold more easily, and that you will be able to target an audience that includes all age groups… even adults!

Cerdá has been showing a growing trend in adult fashion for some time: they too like to wear cartoon clothes and show off their passions or show off those that accompanied them during their childhood. It is Kidult fashion, and Mickey Mouse clothing is the most suitable to ride this new trend.



Why Cerdá is your Mickey Mouse wholesaler

Cerdá is your Mickey Mouse wholesaler for many reasons. First of all, the company has a collaboration with Disney that has been going on for over 30 years. Furthermore, the collaboration allows Cerdá to have and use their original license for their products. With the original license comes rights and dues.

Cerdá must design and sell the highest-quality items, and they have the right to use Disney's original draws and designs of Mickey Mouse and Minnie.

So, this is what Cerdá has to offer to you as a Mickey Mouse wholesaler: experience, quality, and originality guaranteed by the original license, market research, informational material like this article, and customer support.


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Mickey Mouse Summer Collection by Cerdá

Cerdà has by now accustomed their customers to rich catalogs, which are not limited to tightening the circle around a specific category of products, without leaving the ranks and without daring. On the contrary, the summer collection includes many varieties of Mickey Mouse products.

Day clothing

The starting point is classic day wear. T-shirts in all sizes, shorts, and dresses suitable for summer heat, made mainly of cotton, prevail.


Nightwear includes fun colored summer pyjamas, not to be underestimated as they are original gift ideas.


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In the clothing collection, we also want to mention Mickey Mouse shoes. The summer collection includes canvas shoes and sports shoes, but also a very large collection of flip-flops, even for adults!


The accessories collection is so vast that it could form a separate catalog. These are accessories that can be used to complete an outfit, such as sunglasses or caps, but also real accessories such as beach towels, and much more! And there is also the back-to-school catalog full of backpacks and school accessories.

Among the accessories, a special mention deserves the boxes with Mickey Mouse socks. These are also unique and fun gift ideas that can help boost your store's sales!



The Disney Pride collection

The Disney Pride collection was created by Cerdá to support the fight against civil rights and to celebrate LGBT + pride. These are products in which Disney characters accompany decorations made with the colors of the rainbow flag. Among them, Mickey Mouse is a real protagonist!

Disney Pride clothing and accessories are mainly based on the Mickey Mouse character. This was the choice, precisely for the reasons we mentioned above. No character is as recognizable and iconic as Mickey Mouse.


If you are looking for Mickey Mouse products wholesale, think of Cerdá!

Providing you with Mickey Mouse products and clothing for Cerdá is not an obvious choice. On the contrary, it is due to specific reasons, developed after careful market analysis. These are the same reasons that benefit your shop and which we talked about in the course of our article!

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