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Christmas products to make your customers fall in love

14 November 2021 / per Cerdá Group

As you know, Christmas is one of the most propitious times of the year for entrepreneurs: people, in general, are more likely to spend, to give gifts, to spend time through the shop windows, physical or virtual. If you run a store, you will have certainly exploited this period every year ... you will also know - or imagine - that it is not always easy to find original ideas to attract customers in this period, both because it is a repetitive occurrence, and because many ideas are already being used by the competition.

Cerdá has tried to offer its customers an unexpected and original idea that respects tradition, but with a touch of crazy! Let's talk about Christmas products for adults, children, and their animal friends!


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Christmas clothes: a renewed idea

At Christmas, in many countries of the world and especially in the West, there is the tradition of wearing themed clothes - in particular, sweaters. For this Christmas, Cerdá proposes a catalog of Christmas clothes that refers to this tradition but that renews it thanks to the most precious collaborations that Cerdá can put in place.

The result is the new Cerdá Christmas clothing catalog that includes Christmas-style sweaters inspired by the characters and worlds of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Disney. But it doesn't end here… read on to find out how far Cerdá has gone to offer you the most original Christmas products for your customers.

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Star Wars sweaters

For the Star Wars sweater, Cerdá chose the character of Baby Yoda. With the Mandalorian series airing on Disney +, this is the hottest and most popular character in the Star Wars world right now. The style of this sweater, then, refers to the tradition of Christmas sweaters: it repeats a symbol on the chest and sleeves, but the Baby Yoda sweater alternates the classic snowflakes with stylized Mandalorian helmets. The writing on the front reads "Merry Force Be With You".

It is a sweater made entirely of cotton and dedicated to adults. The sizes available, however, start from XS which could be suitable for boys and girls. The largest size, on the other hand, is an XXL.


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Hogwarts Christmas sweater

The Hogwarts Christmas sweater is a common Christmas cloth but only at first sight: the pattern that decorates it immediately refers to the classic one of Christmas sweaters. But, on closer inspection, instead of the classic Christmas symbols, we have the symbols of the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor in red, Ravenclaw in blue, Hufflepuff in yellow, and Slytherin in green. On the chest, in Christmas characters, the inscription of Hogwarts.


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Again, the sweater is made from cotton (100%) and sizes range from XS to XXL. It is therefore suitable for teens and adults.


Minnie and Mickey Mouse Christmas sweaters

Minnie and Mickey are the two quintessential Disney classics. In the Cerdá collections, these two characters are never lacking. The two most famous mice in the world know how to adapt to all collections, they are intergenerational and they are iconic. For the Christmas products collection, the two cute faces are portrayed against the red background of the sweaters with white Christmas-themed decorations.


Minnie and Mickey's Christmas sweaters are also perfect for creating fun coordinated Christmas outfits for the family. These sweaters are also made of cotton and available in adult sizes that can also be worn by boys.


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Sweaters by Lilo & Stitch

For the latest sweater in Cerdá's Christmas products catalog, the v character of Stitch with its iconic purple color was extracted from the range of Disney characters. Stitch's sweater has the same material and features as the other sweaters, but is unmistakable in its lilac color and small Christmas decorations.

All the characters we have mentioned are portrayed on Cerdá Christmas products in their original designs. This is made possible thanks to the Cerdá collaborations that provide original licenses. In this way, Cerdá Christmas sweaters are highly recognizable, just like all other Cerdá products.


Christmas clothes: not just sweaters!

As we have mentioned, Cerdá wanted to go further and propose an even more original idea for your offer of Christmas products.


Alongside sweaters for adults, Cerdá offers a catalog of Christmas sweaters for animals! Cerdá dog sweaters can even be chosen in coordination with the sweaters for humans, to create looks to share even with the four-legged family members!


Cerdá dog sweaters

Cerdá dog sweaters are coats that wrap small or medium-sized dogs so that they can go for walks outside without getting cold. Low temperatures can cause discomfort to small or medium-sized dogs, and a coat usually helps them enjoy the walk without shivering from the cold in the wind or in the snow.

Instead of cotton, in the case of dog sweaters the material used is a mixture of acrylic and polyester. This choice was made to obtain a more resistant and above all waterproof garment. Unlike humans, puppies are less careful not to damage their looks, and above all, they carry their sweater very close to the ground on which they walk: it is therefore important that they are equipped with a waterproof suit, otherwise it would soon become useless.

The sizes available range from XXs to M, precisely for very small, small and medium-sized dogs.


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Minnie dog sweater

Minnie's dog sweater depicts the smiling mouse and is decorated with Christmas motifs. Instead of the classic snowflakes, however, we have the shape with round ears that the whole world has learned to recognize! It is perfect to match in coordinated with the Minnie Mouse Christmas sweater from the Cerdá Christmas clothes collection!



Stitch dog sweater

In the Christmas sweater for dogs by Lilo & Stitch the cute alien is portrayed smiling wearing a Santa hat. On the blue violet background, the typical color of Stitch, there are snowflakes and other motifs that refer to the tradition of Christmas sweaters. This sweater can be combined with the one for humans for a coordinated look for the whole family!


Mickey Mouse dog sweater

Like Minnie, Mickey Mouse is never missing in any Cerdá collection and the catalog of Christmas sweaters for dogs is no exception. A smiling Mickey Mouse wearing a Santa Claus hat stands out on the back of this coat for doggies. The whole underside is decorated with snowflakes on a red bow.


Baby Yoda dog sweater

To have a coordinated look completely inspired by the world of Star Wars with your four-legged friend, Cerdá offers your customers a Baby Yoda dog sweater with a design coordinated with the sweater for adults and children. On a black background, the green alien sage stands out among the helmets of the Mandalorian that mingle with the white snowflakes that create the Christmas theme.



Christmas Marketing: try to be original

Why did Cerdá want to find a way to differentiate itself from the rest of the clothing wholesalers with a catalog of Christmas products coordinated with those of our four-legged friends?

Trying to differentiate yourself is one of the most effective Christmas marketing strategies. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, in this period they are all offering their customers Christmas products, discounted, gift packs to put under the tree ... what you need for a winning strategy is an original idea, and with Cerdá ideas you are always sure to amaze your customers.


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Christmas clothes and coordinated animal sweaters are an idea that will amaze, suitable for pre-Christmas shopping, but also for those who don't know what to put under the tree of friends and relatives.

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Coordinated Christmas clothes for the Christmas shop window!

Lastly, we would like to point out that the idea of coordinated Christmas clothes for humans and four-legged friends can also be the winning idea for your Christmas showcase. If it is difficult to differentiate your offer at Christmas, it is even more difficult to differentiate your shop windows. With matching clothes for adults, teens, and puppies, your showcase will be different from all the competition.

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