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The perfect accessory for your clients: funny socks

10 October 2021 / per Cerdá Group

One of Cerdá's strengths has always been that of knowing how to read the market and find new trends well in advance, in order to be ready with the right products. For the new collection, Cerdá has really gone into detail with its market analysis until it found a new and rapidly growing trend: among adults, teens and children it is becoming increasingly fashionable to wear funny, colorful socks that represent their favorite characters.

It seems that a growing slice of the public is looking for increasingly colorful, fun and strange socks, and could not fail to take this opportunity.

Having discovered this new trend, Cerdá responded by including socks of children’s and adults’ favorite characters in its catalogs. Are you ready to discover them?


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Why sell funny socks in your shop?

We have already mentioned the first reason why funny socks could help you increase the sales of your store: it is a nascent and rapidly growing trend.

However, we cannot fail to mention other important advantages that these simple accessories can bring to your shop.

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First of all, these are very versatile products that can be placed in any store, from clothing to footwear, from comic shops to geek-themed ones.

They are very cheap products but with a strong identity: the most suitable for simple gift ideas that require minimal expense.


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Cerdá funny socks

The Cerdá funny socks collection is dedicated to both children and adults.

Cerdá children's socks

Cerdá children's socks are made in baby sizes and kids sizes. In both cases, the main material used is cotton, resistant and breathable, alongside polyester and elastane.

Dimensions and shapes are suitable for the children's small feet, and the decorations as well have been chosen in order to be consistent with their taste and highly recognizable for them.

children funny socks


Cerdá adult socks

Cerdá adult socks are designed for the autumn and winter period, just what you need to be ready for in these weeks! These are knee-high socks that cover the ankle and they are made of cotton, polyester and elastane.


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In addition to being more opaque and therefore providing warmth during the winter days, the knee-high offers more space to dedicate to decorations. Thanks to this detail and to the technologies that Cerdá uses to come up and realize the various designs, Cerdá’s funny  socks show off symbols, drawings, and detailed and colorful figures.

All the details, as well as being sharp and lively, are also resistant to time and daily use: Cerdá never underestimates the quality of its products.


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The sets

In the Cerdá funny socks collection there are many sets that can be considered gift sets, travel sets or simple multiple purchases, since there is always a need for socks!

These are multiple pairs of socks - two, three, or four - dedicated to the same character or theme, enclosed in a box or a plastic bag also dedicated to the same character. Sock sets are an additional opportunity for your store and your income because they are affordable solutions, simple and inexpensive gift ideas, and have a strong identity that attracts the customers.



Socks with drawings: the characters

As we have already mentioned, and as Cerdá has accustomed us by now, the choice of designs for funny socks depends on the current trends and on the targeted audience; that's why the characters that decorate the socks in the children's line are different from those in the adult and teen lines.


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Socks with drawings for children

The funny socks with children's drawings are decorated with cartoon characters also aimed at an audience of the same age group:

  • Paw Patrol: the little dogs that guarantee safety in the city;
  • Peppa Pig, the little pig with her family from the cartoon that has become a worldwide phenomenon;
  • Baby Shark, another worldwide phenomenon born of a simple children's song that went viral on YouTube.

In addition to these, the Cerdá catalog of funny socks for children also contains Harry Potter socks, since the wizard with glasses continues to conquer even the new generations.

character funny socks


Disney for adults and children

The collaboration with Disney is one of which Cerdá is most proud of (although it’s not the only one!). The original Disney licenses allow Cerdá to offer in its catalogs funny socks with the designs of:

  • Minnie and Mickey Mouse which are the great classics that are not lacking in any of the Cerdá collections.
  • The characters of Star Wars, including those of the new TV series The Mandalorian, responsible for giving new popularity to the world of Star Wars and making it known even to the little ones.
  • Frozen: although it is a much more recent phenomenon than Minnie and Mickey, Frozen and all its characters have also become a great Disney classic.
  • Villans: Disney characters are so iconic that audiences are even fond of the villains.

disney funny socks

The collaboration with Disney meant that Cerdá could also exploit the designs of the Pride collection for its funny socks: like clothing, bags and accessories, Pride socks also show off the colors of the rainbow symbol of pride and LGBT + rights.


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Marvel funny socks

Cerdá's other great collaboration is the one with Marvel. Thanks to it, the designs of the socks with drawings show the most famous superheroes, such as Spiderman or Deadpool, but they are also dedicated to Marvel itself: it is above all the adult public who are fond of the House of Ideas that has, more than to individual characters accompanied them with many stories during their childhood and that continues to keep them entertained with the latest movies.


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Batman and AC/DC socks

Among the socks for adults there are also many pairs dedicated to AC/DC but also of superheroes such as BatMan who is, traditionally, the one that remain the favorite of adults because it represents different facets that are more appreciated and understood when we’re older.


Harry Potter socks

Another of Warner's favourite characters for children and adults is Harry Potter. He is the most famous wizard in the world and his magic has conquered all generations. Children continue falling in love with him, while adults are loyal fans. In our collection you can find funny socks of Harry Potter for both children and adults. Discover them!


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To discover the Cerdá Lifestyle collection and all the funny socks models it includes, download the new catalog now!

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