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Adult fashion trends 2022: all the characters!

9 March 2022 / per Cerdá Group

As you surely know, Cerdá deals with fashion and accessories inspired by the most popular and best known characters among children and young people all over the world. For Cerdá, but also for specialized shops, it is always important to be aware of the fashions of the moment and to know how to predict them. Thanks to decades of experience in the sector, Cerdá is now able to recognize events and signals that will dictate trends in the coming seasons.

All Cerdá catalogs are therefore created starting from analyzes that investigate fashion trends. It is with contents like this that Cerdá also shares the results of its research with its customers: in this way, you too can take advantage of Cerdá knowledge to move in advance and be ready to respond with an offer in accordance with the fashion trends of the moment.


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Fashion trends for 2022

So what are the 2022 fashion trends ?

Before answering this question, let's try to reflect on what the fashion trends in the children's and youth sector are dictated by, and how they also relate to adult fashion.

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In fashion for children and teenagers, the winning trends are almost always dictated by the great classics, which never go out of fashion, together with the upcoming novelties in the field of cinema, television, toys, and sometimes even video games and comic books.

On the one hand, therefore, Cerdá knows how to recognize which are the winning classics in order to continue to bet on those; on the other hand, Cerdá knows how to read the market and analyze upcoming news to understand which ones to exploit.

And what about adult fashion?

Are adults also interested in cinema and television releases? Yes, they are. And more than you think!. Kidult fashion is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the age group of young adults: the so-called Millennials! It seems that young people of 25 or 30 are rediscovering their more childish side without shame ... on the contrary, they never miss an opportunity to show it off. So , also with regard to adult fashion, do we have to look at upcoming films?

It depends. We need to think about what the interests of adults are. The upcoming Harry Potter movies (or rather, the Fantastic Beasts saga) for example is worth considering. Any releases involving the Marvel Multiverse or Star Wars are also important in adult fashion trends .

Besides the cinema, when we talk about adults we must also keep an eye on all the streaming platforms. For example, Disney + with the Mandalorian saga!

Now that we know how Cerdá does to read the market, let's finally find out what are the trends in adult fashion 2022!


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Adults fashion trends in 2022: the most trending characters


Even in adult fashion, it’s true what we’ve said about children's fashion: some classics never go out of style. The products of Minnie and Mickey Mouse , so versatile that they are suitable both for products for babies and children, and for those for children and adults, are always part of the Cerdá collections for adults.

The logos of AC / DC, Marvel, Star Wars , but also BatMan and Wonder Woman , are real symbols that are never lacking in the Cerdá collections.



New releases

What are the most important upcoming films that could influence adult fashion 2022?

We have already mentioned the first important release in the cinema in the course of the article. This is the third episode of the Fantastic Beasts saga, a highly anticipated appointment for all Harry Potter fans. Despite being a product for children, Harry Potter has a large number of fans among young adults, who are those who were children at the time when Harry Potter films and books first met their audiences.


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Another important novelty is certainly given by the films of the Marvel Multiverse. In particular, two important films are planned for 2022: Spiderman No Way Home and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness .

The Spiderman movie in particular caused a lot of hype because it brought together actors who have worked on different films: fans particularly appreciated a film that, while continuing the story, also celebrated the past of this franchise.

Streaming platforms are also worth keeping an eye on: the Mandalorian saga on Disney +, for example, is dramatically increasing the number of Star Wars fans!


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Fashion for adults and children, different characters!

Are adults really interested in children's characters? Is it worth it to invest in adults’ products inspired by Disney's, Marvel’s and Harry Potter characters?

The Kidult fashion is becoming a growing trend in different sectors: clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. This is noticeable not only on the streets and inside universities, but also - in a more simple way - online. There are tons of YouTube channels, social media pages, and blogs that speak about the new Marvel releases or about the Fantastic Animals saga. Star Wars has been a world, other than saga, that has ever counted a lot of adults among their fans.


The perception is changing: for example, adult Star Wars fans were considered geeks in the 80s’. Now they are simply perceived as cinema passionate, people who know how to have fun in a natural, innocent and safe way, and who are always ready to rediscover their childish side.

Geek is the new cool, and Kidult is the new Rock and Roll. Just like Rock and Roll, the Kidult philosophy has some rebellion in it too: while the world tells you to grow up, make money, and stay serious, Millennials wear Mickey Mouse bags, Harry Potter shoes, and Star Wars t-shirts!


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Cerdá fashion to take advantage of current trends

The Cerdá Lifestyle catalog was inspired by all the fashion trends that have been identified for 2022. This is why it will be your winning weapon to be able to beat the competition and increase your sales.

Cerdá, in addition to constantly updated catalogs, offers many other advantages. The collaborations she boasts with Disney, Marvel, and other giants of cinema and audiovisual productions allow her to create the products of the characters that belong to these brands.

All products are equipped with original license synonyms and guarantee of quality and originality .

Finally, Cerdá services are tailored to your needs. Cerdá knows how to guarantee fast deliveries, and even personalized services and products.

In this article, you’ve just found everything you need to create your business plan for next season: a market analysis that advises you on which characters to focus on in kidult fashion, up-to-date catalogs that only provide you with original licensed products, and a service tailored to your needs that makes you always ready to respond to your needs and - why not? - even to the whims of your customers!

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