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Summer trends for 2022

16 November 2021 / per Cerdá Group

As the manager of a physical or virtual store, you have long learned the importance of being ahead of the times. This has two meanings: on one hand, it means knowing how to read market trends in advance - the new ones and those that are confirmed from the previous seasons; on the other hand, it also means thinking about the seasons to come well in advance. For example, as soon as shops and shop windows have been set up for the 2021 winter season, it is already time to start studying 2022 summer trends.

With this article, Cerdá wants to help you anticipate the times in both senses: we will talk about next season and help you understand what will be the trends for clothing and accessories for adults and children.


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2022 summer trends: classics that are confirmed

Understanding the market does not just mean knowing how to grasp the news on the fly. Understanding the trend that remains fashionable from year to year is equally - if not even more - important. The great classics, in fact, are a security for your sales: a part of your stock that your audience already knows and for which you are already able to estimate future sales.

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What are the classics you can continue to count on for summer clothing?

Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Minnie and Mickey are the great classics that never go out of style. Their importance and popularity goes even further: there is no generation that does not know them or is not fascinated by them.


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Harry Potter

Despite being a much more recent phenomenon than Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter has long since come of age. It's not just the age factor that makes it a great classic. As it has already happened for the two Disney mice, Harry Potter has become an intergenerational character known all over the world.


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Frozen shares the same fate as Harry Potter: in a short time he managed to conquer young and older people, so that today we can count him among the classics that never go out of style.




The House of Ideas provides us with a huge range of characters, all superheroes, who have always been the protagonists of the clothing collections for children and kidults.


Other Super Heroes

Marvel isn't the only home for superheroes. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are equally trendy characters even if they are part of another family.


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2022 Summer trends: the news

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is an extraordinary character, who never goes out of fashion. Trends in the world of children's summer clothing are often dictated by the release of cartoons, comics or toys; in this case, the Peppa Pig phenomenon is a character that every child in the world loves.


The Mandalorian

The Disney + series of The Mandalorian is the newest product related to the Star Wars saga. It introduced characters, such as Grogu (the child), who have already entered the hearts of fans.

Based on 2022 summer trends, Cerdá has created the new summer clothing catalog. Let's find out together.



Summer clothing catalog 2022: who are the new trends for?

The Cerdá summer clothing catalog is mainly aimed at three age groups:

  • Infantile: we are talking about a preschool age range, from rompers for babies to clothes and accessories for the very young;
  • Children: in this segment Cerdá includes school-age children and teenagers.
  • Adults: Cerdá also addresses its products to adults, and in particular to fans of Kidult fashion.


Summer clothing catalog 2022: what does it include?

Anyone who knows Cerdá already knows that this clothing wholesaler is not strictly limited to the production of clothing. Its clothing catalog, in fact, includes:


Day clothing

Surely, in large part, the Cerdá 2022 summer catalog contains clothing for young and old. Each design is customized for the specific target audience and age group, and the same happens for all the other product categories in the catalog.



Alongside daywear, nightwear can help you increase sales. In addition to being something everyone needs, children's character pyjamas also make great gift ideas.


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The footwear collection contained in the summer catalog includes many models suitable for all types of activities: canvas shoes, sports shoes and sandals. While these three categories are mainly dedicated to children and teenagers, there is also a large collection of slippers and flip-flops that are aimed at both children and adults.


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To complete the clothing catalog Cerdá offers a whole world of accessories. Certain categories, such as caps and socks, can complete a summer look. Others, like beauty accessories, make for fun gadgets that can be great gift ideas in their own right.


Never underestimate the importance of gift ideas, given that - being a shop that caters also or exclusively to children - a large percentage of customers who access your shop will be looking for the perfect gift for the numerous occasions in which it is customary to give gifts to children.


Conclusions of next summer trends

It's never too early to start thinking about next season! With Cerdá the new trends will never catch you by surprise or unprepared. With this article, we have not limited ourselves to analyzing the market: Cerdá is already ready to provide you with the products of the characters that have been identified as the trending ones for spring summer 2022.


Beat all the competition with the 2022 summer catalog by Cerdá! And if you need any help for setting up your next summer showcase, take a look at our article Ideas to decorate your store for this summer season..

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summer Products and Novelties


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