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5 positioning strategies for your ecommerce

9 November 2021 / per Cerdá Group

That the world of the Internet has become very important for businesses, everyone has now realized it! This means that simply “being online” will no longer be enough to make a difference and stand out from the competition. Being online without adopting effective marketing strategies is equivalent to not being there. Presence is not everything: we must implement marketing strategies for ecommerces that provides us with proper positioning online. Only in this way will our site and our social pages reach the right people, and their visits will turn into purchases and consequently into increases in sales.

Where to start, then, with your marketing strategy? In this article, Cerdá shares with you 5 positioning strategies for your ecommerce.


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1. Quality is queen

On the Internet, in a world where you can publish web pages with no content, copied from other platforms, or even produced via bots, quality makes the difference

Creating quality content is the most effective marketing strategy you can implement to achieve a proper positioning.

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But what does it mean to "produce quality content"? It means giving your audience what they need. Even if you do not deal with the publishing of articles or information, but you simply have an ecommerce in which you make products available, quality reigns in this case too: the quality of the products, the service, their presentation, and the list of products you put available to your customers is what makes the difference from the competition and what we call quality.

Quality also makes the difference in the field of positioning strategies for search engines. Google, and other similar platforms, have long since refined algorithms to prioritize quality content. If you want to gain traffic from search engines - or from social networks, the same principle holds true - you must make sure you take care of the quality aspect, from every point of view.


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2. Know your audience and your niche

If you want to offer quality content to your audience… you need to know your audience. The starting point must always be this question: what does my target audience need? It goes without saying that to answer this question you must, first of all, know who your target audience is and therefore you must have identified your niche of reference.

Avoid all those strategies that aim to sell as much as possible to as many people as possible. On the contrary, the most effective ecommerce strategies are those that target a niche audience and provide them with what they need after careful market research, and putting your expertise at the service of customers.


Knowing your audience is important to every aspect of your business. For example, when you know your audience you can use cross selling to increase sales.


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3. Use keywords appropriately

If you are learning about the most effective positioning strategies, you will surely have already come across SEO, the strategy that aims to optimize web pages for search engines. You will have discovered that SEO has a lot to do with the use of keywords, because keywords are what search engines like Google use to index content and propose them in the SERPs, the search results pages.

However, thinking of SEO as “the use of keywords” is too simplistic. The keywords must be chosen carefully, but you also need to know how to use them. For example, it is important to know where to use them. In particular, after choosing the keywords:

  • Use them in the title of your content, taking care to create the <title> tag appropriately (and to insert the keyword there too).
  • Use headings, that is, divide your text into paragraphs and subparagraphs to which you will assign a title. Also, enter keywords in the headings.
  • Use the keywords at the beginning of the web pages. Search engine algorithms scan the page from start to finish, top to bottom. To make sure your web pages are indexed appropriately, use keywords at the top of the content.
  • Use the main keyword in the URL of the web page.



4. Delete zombie pages

By using analysis tools you can find out about the traffic generated by each web page of your site. You will find that while some pages do great, others barely generate any traffic. It is important for your positioning strategies that you eliminate these pages that are called zombie pages.

Why are we giving you this advice? Google and other search engines tend to prioritize content that comes from quality sites. For their algorithms, a site that has pages that are not visited is not a quality site.

What if the zombie page contains content that you absolutely cannot delete? The solution is to optimize that page: put into practice the tips you learned in this article to try to improve the ranking of the zombie pages. If it fails, delete them.


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5. Prioritize visual content

Visual content is much more attractive than text. Among visual content, the ones that are most engaging for the audience are videos. In your ecommerce, if you have the opportunity, try to create videos to explain your service, show products and to accompany other types of content.


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Where you can't create videos, use images and infographics.

Engaging content is quality content. And we have already talked about the importance that quality has for the positioning strategies of your ecommerce or website.

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Conclusions of positioning strategies for ecommerce

Cerdá does not just supply you with the products of the favorite characters of children and adults. In fact, Cerdá has long been a real ally of its customers. With this and other content, we want to help you make the most of the resources you have at your disposal.


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