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5 essentials you need to know about Winter 22 footwear

29 September 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Winter footwear, the star product 

To sell a product well, you have to know it. That is why at Cerdá we want you to become the footwear expert that your customer needs. There are many doubts that arise when buying winter footwear. From SuperMoments we have seen that one of the questions that most customers ask us is how to know if the size I'm buying is the right one? or how to wash the shoes?  

That's why we have prepared for you these videos in which the designers Mar and Juane themselves tell you about characteristics, materials and more information that you will want to know to advise your customers in the best way, becoming a reference of the products for the feet of the winter collection Back To Essentials. 

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In this post you will discover:

Back To Essentials

 For the Winter 22 collection we have designed comfortable, warm shoes for winter for all ages so that you can offer 100% licensed products of your customers' favourite top characters at your point of sale. We look for comfort in all designs, favouring movement and comfort.

We look for comfort in all our designs favouring movement and comfort. Do you want to know more about our Winter 22 collection? Find out more about the winter collection from Sandra Ruiz, Store and Talent Manager at SuperMoments.

Sports shoes with lights, wellies for girls and boys, slippers for adults, school sports shoes, winter shoes for the little ones... and much more! Discover all the features through these video tutorials.

Sneakers, the ideal footwear

Que las deportivas son el calzado de moda nadie lo duda ya. De las clásicas tenis blancas con personajes icónicos como Snoopy, Minnie o Stitch hasta los modelos más técnicos de personajes como Spiderman, Batman o Frozen las sneakers siguen ocupando un hueco especial cada temporada. 

That sneakers are the footwear of the moment is no longer in doubt. From the classic white trainers with iconic characters such as Snoopy, Minnie or Stitch to the most technical models with characters such as Spiderman, Batman or Frozen, sneakers continue to occupy a special place every season. 

  • Sneakers with lightweight EVA sole. The lightest and most flexible. In addition, the EVA soles absorb more of the impact of your steps, which makes walking or running more comfortable.
  • Sneakers with PVC soles. The most resistant. The injected PVC sole gives the sports shoe the resistance and durability that the most restless feet need.
  • Sneakers with lights. The favourite. Lights with every step. 350,000 steps illuminated thanks to the LED colours of the sole. Both on EVA and PVC soled trainers. 



Sports shoes for girls and boys 

Sports shoes of fashionable characters such as Frozen, Spiderman or Minnie conquer the Winter 22 collection following the latest trends in colours and styles.

Skater style, tennis, urban... unique and fashionable models to surprise your customers who are looking for quality products and 100% licensed and trendy products.


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Our designer Laura explains in these videos (there are a total of six videos, less than a minute long) key points to bear in mind about trainers for children:

  • Material characteristics of the footwear. Fabrics, design details such as glitter, appliqués or embroidery. 
  • Sizes. If they are large or small in order to be able to advise your customer at your point of sale.
  • Type of fastening and sole. In addition to guaranteeing support, knowing the type of fastening and the type of sole of the sports shoe helps children to develop their autonomy and gait, safely and confidently.
  • Last and counter. These two aspects are essential when purchasing footwear. They are areas that can cause discomfort and special attention must be paid when trying on the shoe.

The most successful trainers

Did you know that 85% of shoe sales last year at SuperMoments were for sneakers with lights? They are undoubtedly the product that generates the most sales. That's why at Cerdá we design models with lights in both EVA and PVC soles. 

Sneakers with lights are subjected to an exhaustive quality control and testing to offer you footwear with all the guarantees.  96% of customers who have purchased trainers for girls and boys with lights are satisfied with their purchase. 


Slippers for the whole family

Offering your customers quality, warm and fashionable indoor footwear is essential. The moment when they get home and change their shoes for comfortable, soft and fluffy slippers is one of the most pleasurable little moments of the day, enjoyed by both children and adults. 

At Cerdá we have developed different models:

  • Ballerina shoe. With an injected TPR sole, it is slip-resistant and insulating.
  • Boot model. The warmest slippers to wear at home. Besides, their design is one of the most striking.
  • Open slipper. With a cushioned footbed for comfort, the double-size slippers are ideal for teens and adults. 
  • Half boot model. The favourite for playful feet that are starting to discover the world around them. With non-slip sole, velcro fastening and 3D details of the most fashionable characters: Mickey, Canine Patrol or Minnie.

Mar explains all the features, materials and designs designed for the whole family to enjoy: from children from 1 to 5 years old, teenagers and adults.

In this series of three videos Mar explains all the models that Cerdá has designed for children.

Now that you know the characteristics of children's slippers, discover the characteristics of slippers for teens and adults with these three videos in which our designer summarises everything you need to know to become a slipper specialist.


Las zapatillas de ir por casa además de suponer el 22 % de las ventas de calzado es también un artículo que no debería faltar en tu punto de venta porque ayuda a aumentar el ticket medio al ser el complemento perfecto de otro de los productos que más venta genera: los pijamas y las batas de ir por casa. 

As well as accounting for 22% of footwear sales, slippers are also an item that should not be missing in your point of sale because they help to increase the average ticket by being the perfect complement to another of the products that generates the most sales: pyjamas and dressing gowns. 


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Casual boots 

The causal Minnie and Frozen bootie with black soles that contrast with the iridescent colours of the pink boot in Minnie's case and the blue boot in Frozen's case have an inner zip. This allows you to improve the fit of the boot. Laura tells you more about this model in this video, but be careful, it comes with a surprise!


Level up

If you've made it this far, you already have a pretty good idea of the footwear in our winter collection 22, congratulations! Sneakers, boots, trainers, soles, materials, size range... Do you want to know how much you know about shoes? Test yourself with this quiz that we have prepared for you and level up! In addition to the quiz, if you are part of our Retail Lab community you can download this dossier with the main keys about each model. 

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